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  Reuniting all eras of Marine Corps' 1st Recon Battalion, including members of the 1st Force Recon Company, Deep Reconaissance Platoon and the Amphibious Recon Company. Membership into this association of special warriors is free. The association's "Patrol Report" is published twice yearly with reunion information and other Recon news. Join by clicking on the Aplication link on the left.


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Cayenne 6 Final Extraction

        It is with profound sadness that I inform you of Sgt Bob Morris' passing on March 26th, 2016.

        Bob Morris was born April 12, 1950 in Monterey, California to James Franklin Morris and Marilyn Drost Morris. He served in the United States Marine Corps from July 1969 until September 1972 including the year that he spent as team leader with the 1st Recon Division while in Viet Nam, obtaining the rank of Sergeant. He was awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star with Valor, two Navy Commendation Medals with Valor, the Republic of Viet Nam Campaign Medal, the Viet Nam Service Medal, and a Combat Action Ribbon.

        Bob, known to many as “Cayenne 6”, along with his wife Julie, was devoted to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association and his Recon teammates. He served as the Membership Coordinator and Web Master from the earliest days of the Association and always gave freely of his time and talent. Bob worked tirelessly to reunite 1st Recon teammates and bring them together in the Association. Cayenne 6 leaves a void that will never be filled. We are blessed to have known Bob and stood with him, side by side, in war and peace.

        A graveside service was held in Temple, Tx earlier this month where the Colors were presented to Julie by the Color Guard. A small group of family and friends were present and were grateful for the attendance of the Patriot Guard.

        "I believe God put me through the first cancer to turn me around and get me ready for this time. He put me in a spiritual position to accept and welcome a new life. Julie and I have had a great relationship...God gave us 22 years and that I am so thankful for...My concern is not seeing the streets of gold or mansions. I want to see My Savior and live in a body without pain."

Bob Morris




The 1st Marine Division Association (FMDA) &

1st Recon Battalion Association

Reunion will be held in Colorado Springs, CO

August 4th-12th, 2018

More Information: click here.



Commendation from the Commandant

The commendation was given to 1st and 3rd Recon Battalions and 1st and 3rd Force compainies at the Recon 50 reunion held in Oceanside April 21 - 24. Click Here to read the commendation.

Commemorative Bricks


Commemorative Bricks will line the winding pathways in the Semper Fidelis Memorial Park. 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association members, family and friends are invited to donate a commemorative brick to honor a reconnaissance Marine or Corpsman, living or deceased. 1st Recon Commemorative Bricks will be placed along the pathway in front and around our memorial. The Association is collecting 1st Recon commemorative brick donations and inscriptions and submitting them to the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation. Commemorative bricks may be ordered through the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association with a donation of $210.00 for each brick plus $5.00 for related postage with each order of one or more bricks.


Brick Engraving Guidelines. Each brick may have no more than three lines; each line may be 20 characters in length (a character includes all letters, punctuations and spaces). Each line must end with a complete word or name (words and names will not be hyphenated and continued on the next line). You may purchase as many bricks as you like. Examples of commemorative brick inscriptions are provided below.


       In Memory Of                                 Sgt Tom Jones
Capt John Smith USMC                         C Co, 1st Recon Bn
         1944-1969                                    Vietnam 1969-70


Order your Commemorative Brick(s) and submit your contact information (name, mailing address, phone number(s), and email address) along with a check or money order and your brick inscription to the 1st Recon Battalion Association at the address below. The MC Heritage Foundation will provide a proof copy of each brick inscription before it is engraved. Ensure you send your contact information in case there are questions about your inscription. Thank you for your support of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Memorial and Commemorative Bricks. Commemorative Brick check or money order donations should be made out to: 1st Recon Battalion Association. Send your contact information with your $215.00 donation and brick inscription to: 1st Recon Battalion Association, c/o C. Kershaw, 2527 Unicornio Street, Carlsbad, CA 92009. Call or email Charlie Kershaw with brick questions at: 760 402-8638 or 



1st Reconnaissance Battalion Memorial Remembrance

The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association

We Remember

Memorial Day 2012

Semper Fidelis Memorial Park

Quantico, Virginia


1st Recon Lineage, Honors, & Commanding Officers


Hugh Campbell's Recon Reflections


Larry Gifford's Thin Man patrol Account


Texas Pete Patrol March 2, 1968


Col. Fred Vogel's 2000 Birthday Ball Speech



Nothin’ But A Thing

By Doc Gary Lewis

Available at (paperback and e-book).

A true personal story of a young Navy corpsman’s tour-of-duty in Vietnam with the 1st Marines and the 1st Force Reconnaissance Co. 1967-1968.

Caged Heroes: American POW Experiences from the American Revolution to the Present

By Jon Couch Bravo 79/81

Available at (paperback and hard copy).

Jon has made the book available free of charge to all members of the 1st Recon Assn. You can download the PDF file at

Killer Kane: A Marine Recon Team Leader in Vietnam, 1967-1968

By Andrew R. Finlayson

Killer Kane was of one of the most successful U. S. Marine long range reconnaissance teams of the Vietnam War. Team Leader Andy Finlayson’s narrative covers a pivotal period in the war, the year leading up to the Tet Offensive, and presents a highly personal account of the dangerous missions conducted by this team of young Recon Marines as they searched for North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong units throughout the Da Nang area of operations

Killer Kane’s six to eight man patrols searched for the enemy far from friendly lines, in locations such as Elephant Valley, The Enchanted Forest, Charlie Ridge, Happy Valley and the Que Son Mountains, often engaged in desperate fire fights with vastly superior VC and NVA forces. The book also explains in detail the planning, preparation and conduct of, a long range reconnaissance patrol, giving the reader many insights into why Killer Kane was so successful.

Andy Finlayson’s Killer Kane is a gripping first hand account of how a young Marine officer and a highly capable and dedicated group of men did a very dangerous job for their country, while the United States was becoming increasingly disillusioned and weary of the war.

Killer Kane is expected to be published in August by McFarland & Company, Inc. Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640; advance purchases may be made by going to the McFarland website , print out and send the PDF file at, or ordering from Amazon Books (search Andrew R. Finlayson to find the book.

Rice Paddy Recon

Andy Finlayson's follow-on book to Killer Kane, has been published and is available on line at the following link:
PDF Order Form Link

Advance Notice of "Viet Man" Pub date: March, 2015

By D.S.(Doc Danny) Lliteras Alpha Co. 69/70

Book Reviews

CSPAN BookTV Video

Flames and Smoke Visible

By D.S.(Doc Danny) Lliteras Alpha Co. 69/70

Book Reviews


Flames and Smoke Visible can be purchased on, B&, Independent Book Stores, B&N Bookstores, Books A Million, even direct from the distributor & publisher: Square One Publishers & Rainbow Ridge Books.

Gordon Ryan Bravo 63

Check out Gordon Ryan's latest book in two volumes. The protagonist is a Marine.    Click on links.

State of Rebellion, A Pug Connor Novel, Book One
Uncivil Liberties, A Pug Connor Novel, Book Two
Gordon Ryan Author Web Site
Gordon Ryan Author Videos

Mike Schneider 1969-1970

Swift, Silent and Deadly: Recon Marines in Vietnam    Click on links.

The above links are to an ebook I recently published on Nook and Kindle. The book was written for the juvenile/young adult market. I completed writing the book in 2004 but have never been able to attract a publisher or even convince a literary agent to promote it. I finally decided to publish it as an ebook.

Books I & II, American Heroes:

Grunts, Pilots & "Docs"

by Michael Dan Kellum, 1stLt. and former PFC, USMCR

A 2-book series about Marine Grunts and Recon, Pilots and their crews and the "Docs," the Navy Corpsmen, who worked alongside them all. These books are a 21-year project to gather research material, interview Marines and Navy Corpsmen and finally the writing. Approximately 1,019 Marines and 42 Navy Corpsmen are the focus of Books I and II with personnel from other service making up another 40 or so mentioned. 1st Recon Bn. in 1969-70 in Nam is the main focus of the Recon stories...some of the Reconners mentioned include Lt.Col. Bill Drumright, Lt.Col. Bill Leftwich Jr., Cpl. Larry Feldman, Gunny Terry Moore, SSgt. John Hare, Cpl. Bob Morris, Doc Thurman Mullins, Doc David Snider, 2ndLt. Tony Kupka, 1stLt. Chip Gregson and many more. For more information on who's in the books and some excerpts and photos go to my website at and see the Indexes for both books. The website also contains the ordering and pricing form. Any additional questions about the books contact Michael Dan Kellum at The publisher is Navarro-Hill Publishing Group, P.O. Box 1088, Longview, TX 75606


Sample Stories

David Snider         John Bowcock         Manuel Garcia

Gary Husar            Chuck Fenwick        Michael Harder

Bob Bruno              Michael Holmes      Doug Wolfe     

Paul Young            Will Aalbertsberg    Leonel Perez       

Robert Farmer      Randy Kendall         Lennie Miller

Bill Davison            Robert Luster          Clint Howard

Bill Hatten                Mark Puig
         John C. Minahan


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