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1st Force 66/68

DaNang Rocket Attack


I was wondering if your book is finished and if not may have a short story you could use. I don't remember all involved but it happened on 7-18-67 I believe. Simple guard duty on the hill overlooking Reasoner that you drove to by going around the PX and then up. I believe it was the first use of 122mm rockets in the Da Nang area and they hit the Air Force base. At first we thought it was two jets flying over low and crashed and we called it in. More rockets followed right after the NVA saw it was a hit. This all took place after midnight and the camp was woke up and patrols ready to be sent out. We marked the launch site and snoopy was called in and gave them hell. At sun up the patrols found many more rockets in the lake next to where they were fired from. I believe the Air Force lost 38 men in the attack. It just shows that in a war zone even simple base guard duty is important to the protection of our troops and not to be taken lightly. It was right after the rocket attack that they decided to build a tower up on the mountain for better observation and keep us safe from a tiger that liked to surprise us at times.


Sgt. William Aalbertsberg
1st Force 9/66-7/68


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