Capt. Nate Fick
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          Message from the President
New Members

1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association Reunion 2005, August 3-7, at the in Kansas City , MO was one of our best attended reunions. Sixty-four Association members registered for the reunion and and some 85 members visited the hospitality suite or attended one of our reunion events. This year was the first reunion for nineteen of our members.

The August 5th luncheon at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue was attended by 85 members and their guests. Luncheon Guest of Honor Lieutenant General WC “Chip” Gregson, USMC, recon marine and Association member, joined us from Marine Forces Pacific and was rerunited with members of his recon platoon and many marine friends. Chip proved to be a motivating and reaffirming speaker.

Our reunion was successful largely because the dedicated efforts of many volunteers manning the hospitality suite, registering Association members, selling raffle tickets, providing refreshments, and assisting with reunion events. The Association’s thanks and appreciation to these who, year after year, serve the 1st Recon Bn Association as reunion volunteers, In addition our thanks to Rod Pupuhi for preparing Association member name tags.

Your new elected officers include, re-elected President Charlie Kershaw; Sergeant-at-Arms Larry Feldman,and Associate Director Curtis Greutzmacher. Congratulations to our new directors and our thanks for accepting the
responsibility and challenges of Association leadership. To Lennie Miller, our Sergeant at Arms, and Associate Director Jim Wilker, our thanks and appreciation for your dedication and service to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association.

Going forward, Reunion 2006 is in Denver. Our reunion is dedicated to the recon marines and corpsman serving in the Republic of Vietnam in 1966. Join us and honor the 40th anniversary of their dedication and service.

Semper fidelis,
Charlie Kershaw

          Memorial Fund
Capt.'s Corner 
Chuck Fenwick
Andy Buffalo
Bing West

The foresight and leadership of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation is making the dream of a National Museum of the Marine Corps a reality in Quantico Virginia. The museum, scheduled to be dedicated on 10 November 2006, is a unique opportunity “ to honor those Marines who preceded us…to confirm our heritage…to share with our nation, and with each other, the riches of our experiences… and to leave a lasting and glorious legacy for the future.” In 2002, the 1st Recon Battalioon Association established a Memorial Fund in honor of the Marines and Corpsmen who gave their lives in service to their country as members of the battalion. Our goal is to donate $25,000. to the National Museum of the Marine Corps in memory of each of our fallen comrades. The memorial gift will be commemorated by a plaque placed in the National Museum memorial park. Your help is
needed to reach our goal by November 2006. To date, $16,865 has been donated to the Memorial Fund. If you haven’t contributed, do so. If you have, consider an additional contribution. Let us know of any potential corporate donors. Contributions may be made by check or money order payable to:

Contributions may be mailed to:

Charles Kershaw
2527 Unicornio Street
Carlsbad, CA 92009


Garry Kline
1819 East Gary Street
Mesa, AZ 85203-4510

Our thanks and gratitude to the Association members who generously donated to the Memorial Fund:

H.P. Alewine, P. Alexander, Craig Amo, James H. Anderson, Doc Aron, Eddie Ash, Steven L. Baker, James J. Barta, Mark Bayuk, John Beard, David Boudreaux, Art Brooks, Robert “Doc” Buehl, Jim Carroll, Jimmy M. Chandler, Hal Cordova, Kenneth Cotterman, John M. Derenick, Danny Deasane, Kent Dickson, William Doherty, Phillip Downey, Carry Efaw, Alan Enfinger, Eanos T. Evans, Larry Farrell, Lother Lee Freeman, James A. Fossos, Gene S. Giles, David A Goodfield, William B Goodwin, Pat & Victoria Grady, Jack Grace, Donald Greenlaw, Curtis & Luana Greutzmacher, and Gritz Towers, John F. Hare, James A Howard, William Howard, Vic Vattuone, Larry Keen, Charles W. Kershaw, Eugene Lashley, Jim Lubbock III, Carrol McBride, David M. McGraw, Peter R. Merry, Robert Morris & Julie Mooney, James A. Mosel, Thurman “Doc” Mullins, John Myers, Paul F. Olenski, Jim Page, R.A Partee, Leonel R. Perez, Phil Peters, Frank Portportage, Phillip D. Rogers, James H. Rowe, W. Edgar Rowland, Richard Schadl, Tom Schroder, Jerry Spolter, Daniel Sweeney,
Robert C. Vermurlen, Jerry Webb, Steven Whitney, Jim & Sharon Wilker, Danny P. Williams, and John Witmer.

          Final Extracts
Gen. Trainor 
Eddie Wright 
Water Rescue 


                           Warriors of the” Old Breed”…
                      mourned by their comrades in arms.

To all Recon Marines and especially those of 1st Recon Alpha Deuce:
   I have to pass on some sad news today. Just recieved this note in the mail. Quote: " Dear David, I am writing on behalf of Jeff Balliet. I am his mother. Jeff passed away very unexpectedly of fungal Meningitus on Sept. 24th. Would appreciate you telling any of his friends about it that you feel would like to know. He told me that he really enjoyed the reunion that all his former Marine buddies had. Sincerely, Phyllis Balliet
   Guys, what if I had not found Jeff and he didn't even know we were getting together in DC, Aug 2004. Those of us that were there were blessed to have got to know him again after so many years. Jeff was also blessed to have seen you guys too. I'm not looking for a pat on the back but want more of you to help locate more of our Reconners. It was too late for Skip Lester to even attend DC reunion but we at least got to correspond with him a while before he passed away. We Nam Vets ain't getting any younger. Each of us need to get in touch with those guys out there, they're somewhere. Just think if each one of us found one more and got them to Denver reunion 2006, wow. You guys need the experience of calling up one of your buddies and hear their voice for the first time since Nam. The KC reunion was worth ever penny spent just to experience the moment of catching the eyeballs of Oscar Aldana. He yells, "Fudge", I answer with "Chico". That made the effort making those phone calls and finding a buddy from Nam. I'm really bummed, Jeff was a great guy. He made a career of the Corps. I remember when he joined us from the grunts. He was a Corporal with fighting experience in the grunts. But now as an NCO on a Recon team with everyone ole salts, he treaded softly and was pretty quiet. He hung in there and eventually lead many patrols as the patrol leader. I think he told me that he spent a total of 4 yrs in the Nam. He joined us in Alpha Duece sometime in the middle of 1967. I'm sure that if you can send a card to Jeff's mom that she would appreciate it. Her husband is Leo. Suppose that's his dad, but don't know.
   Do come to Denver guys and take part in the reunions. Like I said we ain't getting any younger. Maybe you're still a rough tough Marine and don't need anyone. I doubt it though, your all pussy cats like me and tear up watch Band of Brothers and love a hug once in awhile. Join the Association and keep in touch with each other. Don't forget to offer up a prayer for Jeff's family and stand and give a salute to another great Marine Reconner--- Semper Fi, Jeff we will promise never to forget.. Love to you all

Dave Backer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just received word that John "Jack" TEPPER passed-on in August. Jack was one of my team leaders in Echo Company in 1968. He had a total of 4 tours in Vietnam, all in 1st Recon Battalion. He served in 1965 to 1967 in Delta Company and in 1967 to 1968 in Echo Company. He never made any of our reunions but he and I talked over the phone quite a few times. He was a long haul trucker out of New Mexico. He passed from cancer in the VA Hospital in Albuquerque in August. His wife, Katty, lives in Datil, NM and would like to hear from anyone that knew Jack. Jack was one helluva good team leader.
Semper Fi

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Former 1st Recon C.O. Retired Marine Maj. Gen. James R. 'Dick' Davis, 66
By Jack Williams UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER August 12, 2005

With the aplomb of a sharpshooter at target practice, James R. "Dick" Davis knelt on one knee and shot and killed two North Vietnamese soldiers who were about to take a comrade's life. "He did it as calmly as if he were at a rifle range," said Digger O'Dell, a retired lieutenant colonel from Leucadia, whose life he saved. It happened during the Vietnam War in 1967 when future Maj. Gen. Davis was a senior adviser to a South Vietnamese infantry regiment. His mission: to recapture a village that had been lost to North Vietnamese forces. When an enemy unit opened fire in the courtyard of a Catholic church, O'Dell, an assistant to Gen. Davis, found himself on the ground and unable to respond. "My M-16 jammed, which was common in those days," he said. Noticing that O'Dell was an easy target, Gen. Davis quickly took aim at O'Dell's tormenters, who were ready to fire a machine gun. The action earned Gen. Davis a Silver Star and the everlasting gratitude of O'Dell, who became a lifelong friend. "If you wanted a prototype for an outstanding Marine officer, you didn't have to look very far," O'Dell said. "Dick was that kind of man." Gen. Davis, who also received a Bronze Star during his 13-month tour of Vietnam, died Aug. 1 at his home in San Marcos. He was 66. The cause of death was complications from Alzheimer's disease, which was diagnosed in 1997, said his wife, Barbara.
At 21, Gen. Davis enlisted in the Marine Corps with one idea in mind: to fulfill his military obligation before getting on with his life. When he was selected for the Meritorious Noncommissioned Officer Program 3 years later, his priorities changed. "He said as long as he liked it, he would stay in the Marine Corps," said his wife, who married him after he graduated from boot camp at Parris Island, S.C. "He continued to be promoted and stayed for 35 years. He enjoyed it all." With an athletic, 6-foot-3 frame, Gen. Davis exemplified the type of Marine you might see on a recruiting poster or in a color guard. Early in his career, he was selected to carry Marine colors at White House functions. From there, he went to officer-candidate school and then to The Basic School in Quantico, Va. After graduating in 1964, he served aboard the carrier Essex as executive officer of a Marine detachment. In January 1967, he was assigned to Vietnam. As an adviser to the South Vietnamese, Gen. Davis coordinated airstrikes, moved with the infantry and offered any advice his unit requested. "He functioned as a link between the South Vietnamese and the American military effort," O'Dell said. "Dick was very courageous, well-read and well-spoken," O'Dell said. "He also had a tremendous sense of humor. He could always come up with something to make you laugh. When his Vietnam tour was up, Gen. Davis completed amphibious-warfare training and taught Army special forces at Fort Bragg, N.C. In 1971, under a program designed to further the education of enlistees, he earned a bachelor's degree in sociology at Park College in Kansas City, Mo. He later received two master's degrees, one in education from the University of Florida and another in management from Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I. He earned his master's at Florida while serving as instructor of an ROTC unit at the school. In June 1979, Gen. Davis was assigned to the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, where he served as commanding officer of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. After his promotion to lieutenant colonel, he became executive officer of the 7th Marines. Gen. Davis was promoted to colonel in 1984 as the officer in charge of a Marine detachment in Pohang, Korea. Upon completing overseas duty, he was assigned to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. He became headquarters and service battalion commander and later assumed command of the training regiment. He went on to serve as head of the officer assignment branch at Marine Corps Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and as president of the Marine Corps University in Quantico, Va. In July 1990, he was promoted to brigadier general. He became a major general in April 1993. When he retired from active duty in 1995, as commanding general of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command in Washington, D.C., he was awarded a Legion of Merit.
James Richard Davis was born July 18, 1939, in Parkersburg, W.Va. He graduated from high school in Bradenton, Fla., and as a young man, traveled around the country with a friend. While working in a Florida supermarket he met Barbara McVicker, his future wife. An avid runner, Gen. Davis was sidelined by sciatica problems, which required back surgery in his 40s. While recovering from the surgery, he took up swimming. As his condition improved, he resumed running and began cycling. The training led to a series of mini-triathlons that challenged his competitive nature, his wife said. After retiring from the Marine Corps, Gen. Davis settled in Corrales, N.M. He moved to San Marcos five years ago to be closer to a daughter, who lives in La Mesa, and friends he and his wife had made while stationed at Camp Pendleton. Before becoming ill, he enjoyed cycling and hiking.
Survivors include wife, Barbara; daughters, Cynthia Davis of La Mesa and Christine Davis of Brooklyn, N.Y.; sister, Judith Heenan of Moneta, Va., and The Villages, Fla.; brother, David Davis of Cornelia, Ga.; and a granddaughter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Doug Wolfe
Iraq News
Reunion Info
Extract Audio


Nearly 200 men of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion redeployed to Iraq in late September for a seven month deployment. 1st Recon is based at Camp Fallujah, Iraq and conducting operations in support of the 2nd Marine Division. To date, 1st Recon Battalion has sustained only minor
casualties. Keep the marines and corpsmen of 1st Recon Battalion in your thoughts and prayers in this holiday season and the coming year.

1st Reconnaissance Battalion
Relief and Appointment of Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major Richard P. Lamelin relinquished his appointment as Sergeant Major, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, the senior enlisted leader and advisor to the Commanding Officer to Sergeant Major Alan D. Miller in a ceremony at Camp Pendleton on 22 July 2005. Our thanks and appreciation to Sergeant Major Lamelin for his strong leadership and best wishes for happiness and success in retirement. Congratulations to Sergeant Major Miller for his appointment as the Recon Battalion Sergeant Major and best wishes for his success and the continued success of 1st

Demographics of Veterans
Scripps Howard News Service
November 03, 2005

In America, the average military veteran is about 58 years old, more likely than others to be overweight but less likely to be unemployed. As the ranks of World War II veterans continue to drop, there now are more living Vietnam War veterans than those who served in World War II and the Korean War - combined.
As Veteran Day nears, those are just some of the insights to be gleaned from the statistics kept by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Center for Women's Veterans, and other sources. Here's a look at veterans by the numbers:

Total veterans in United States ................ 24.5 million
Percent of vets 70 or older ..................................... 27
Percent of vets younger than 50 ............................ 29
Percent of vets who are married ............................ 75
Percent of all vets who are widowed ....................... 5
Number of women vets ............................... 1.7 million
Percent of Persian Gulf War vets who are women ..16
Percent of Vietnam vets who are women ................. 3
Percent of Korean War vets who are women ........... 2
Percent of World War II vets who are women .......... 5
Number of African-American vets ................ 2.3 million
Number of Hispanic veterans ...................... 1.1 million
Number of Asian-American veterans .............. 276,000
Number of Native American veterans ............. 185,000
Number of veterans in the workforce ............ 14 million
Percent of private-sector workers who are vet ......... 11
Percent of federal workers who are vets .................. 25
Unemployment rate for veterans ................ 4.5 percent
Unemployment rate for non-veterans ......... 5.9 percent
Percent vets with family income above $50,000 …... 35
Percent vets with education beyond high school ….. 59
Percent vets with service-related disability ................. 9
Number of homeless veterans ………………... 200,000

Total federal spending on veterans benefits …………………....,.$59.6 billion
Top 10 states, number of veterans
California ................................ 2,196,843
Florida .................................... 1,790,761
Texas ...................................... 1,635,674
New York ................................1,130,943
Pennsylvania ............................ 1,120,074
Ohio ........................................ 1,016,326
Illinois ......................................... 875,769
Michigan ..................................... 807,330
North Carolina ............................ 758,607
Virginia ....................................... 738,545

Number of veterans who served during certain conflicts:

World War II ........................... 3,915,550
Korean War .............................3,423,446
Vietnam .................................. 8,147,075
Persian Gulf War .................... 4,104,799

          Looking For
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1st Recon Caps


Phillip Peters

remember the ARVN outpost south west of Chu Lai, Hill 141. Was considered in country RR for a time. Anyone have any photos of the scenery from the hill? I would like copies if you do. Thanks. Combustion 28 actual.

Ron Overton

Looking for buds that I served with in 'nam from March of '68 to November '69.

Spenser White  7

Trying to locate: Howard Overton
Branch of Service: Marine
Unit was: M Co. 3d Btl., 2nd MarDiv.
Where served: USS Guam 1971, RVN
When served: Approx. 1970-1974

Message is: A member of my group, Anthony (Tony) is interested in talking with this Marine regarding duty they pulled together. I believe Tony was in Force Recon. He does not have access to a computer, so I am posting this message in his behalf.
Please contact: Spencer White
Mailing address: 11355 Morning View Road

City, State, Zip: Singers Glen, Virginia 22850


I'm looking for a Recon brother that I served with in 3rd Recon in oki, he rotated back to the states and went to 1st
Recon and got out in 1999 or 2000. His name is Seth Gordon. He was supposed to be in my wedding in 2000, called at the last minute, said he couldn't make it, and dropped off the radar since then. I've looked all over no luck so far. Just wanted to know if he's doing alright. If anyone has heard from him since, drop me a line. Thanks,

Eric Hale   1st Recon: H&S, Bravo, DRP, 81-84
Looking for any Recon pix from 81-84

Ray Manely

Looking for SgtMaj John Massero 1st Force 59 - 61. Last time seen was as SgtMaj for the 12th Naval Dist. in the 70's.

John Bowcock

I would like to post a request for information on who served with 1st Force Motor T.

From the time it arrived in country until its departure. This will help with request for information when someone’s children or relatives send you a request.

We can post the untold stories under Motor T to your website. Listing the following; Convoy ambushes, who went on patrols/radio relays, LPs and boat insertions.

This is what I know.
1st Force Motor T

Date of arrival ? thru Dec 1967

Jan thru Sept 1968 Phu Bai

SSG Ivring
SSG Ivring
SGT Wheeler
CPL Stout
CPL lee Renick
L/CPL Mark Brown
L/CPL Jimmy Bullock
L/CPL John Bowcock
L/CPL Mike Seleito
L/CPL Danny Reed
L/CPL Thomson

Sept 1968- Dec 1968 Da Nang

SSG Ivring
SGT Wheeler
L/CPL Mark Brown
L/CPL Jimmy Bullock
L/CPL John Bowcock
L/CPL Danny Reed
L/CPL Mike Selito

DEC 1968 thru ? Chu Lai

SSG Ivring
SGT Wheeler
L/CPL Mark Brown
L/CPL Jimmy Bullock
L/CPL John Bowcock
L/CPL Danny Reed
L/CPL Mike Selito

Sent an email from SGT McKee on an ambush in Hue and who wants to do the same for patrol leaders.

Information can be sent to the following.

MSG Bowcock

Larry Keen was the catalyst for a September Recon rendezvous in Washington. Pacific Northwest 1st Recon Battalion Association members attending the rendezvous included Broman Steinmetz , Battalion C.O July 67-July 68, with his son, a recently retired Marine officer, Dave Backer, Dennis Baker, Jim Branch, John Clary, Roy Cook, Patrick Macey, Al Mervyn, Gary Rosencrans, and Mike Yawman. Bob Morris joined the group and Air Force Colonel John Carson, who lost his Marine Lieutenant son in Vietnam, drove in from Spokane, WA. Also attending were Jeff and Shawn McVey, sons of Captain Lavoy McVey, C.O. of Charlie Co who died in March 1970 while leading the operation to recovery the body of Lieutenant David Skibbe in the Que Son Mountains.