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Warriors mourned by their comrades in arms.

October 2006

Lt Col Rod Richardson, USMC (Ret)

Sergeant Jonathan J. Simpson
Al Anbar, Iraq
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Corporal Seth M. Algrim
Camp Pendleton, CA


Contacts Lost
  With every net Patrol Report and Recon Rendezvous sent out I lose track of several men by their emails bouncing. Pleas contact me if you change your email and/or mailing address at

The 6's 07 BS Run
  Join The 6 at one of his stops on his latest hair-brained scheme. He will be leaving St. Petersburg on his Yamaha V Star to attend a BS meeting at Top Sail, NC the first weekend in May then on to KC the second weekend for a meeting there. From KC he will travel to Portland OR. for a meeting headed up by Dave Backer the last weekend in May. From there he will drop all the way down to Oceanside the second weekend in June. Then it's on to San Antonio, Tx the 3rd weekend in June. Final stop will be Atlanta the last weekend in June.

More details in the next Recon Rendezvous.
Message from the President

The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association reunion was held in Denver, August 24th-27th. Denver was a great city for our reunion. The 2006 reunion was dedicated to those reconnaissance marines and corpsman that served in the Republic of Vietnam in 1966; subsequent reunions will commemorate the 40th anniversary of our members’ Vietnam service.

Fifty-six Association members joined recon teammates in Denver; this was the first reunion for nineteen members. Our Association luncheon was attended by eighty members and guests. Virginia Senator-elect James Webb, our Guest of Honor, addressed us on veteran’s issues. Jim Salestrom entertained guests throughout the luncheon with moving ballads and songs familiar to most Vietnam era Marines. Our General Membership Meeting saw the election of Denis Baker as a Director, the re-election of Kent Dickson, Historian, and Bob Morris, Membership Director. Founder and Director Doc Buehl did not seek re-election. However, in recognition of Doc’s dedication and exemplary service to this Association, he was named Director Emeritus. Reunion members approved establishing State and Regional Membership Coordinators to maintain closer liaison with our members. If the Denver reunion was a success, it is due to those members attending the reunion and their volunteer efforts assisting with reunion activity such as registration, raffle sales, the luncheon, silent auction, manning the hospitality suite, and participation in the General Membership meeting. Thank you!

God bless America! God bless the United States Marine Corps!
Semper fidelis,
Charlie Kershaw

The 50 dudes at the reunion

Memorial Fund Bracelets


The National Museum of the Marine Corps, in Quantico Virginia, was dedicated on 10 November 2006, as a unique opportunity “ to honor those Marines who preceded us…to confirm our heritage…to share with our nation, and with each other, the riches of our experiences… and to leave a lasting and glorious legacy for the future.” The 1st Recon Battalion Association Memorial Fund honors the Marines and Corpsmen who gave their lives in service to their country while serving with the battalion. Our goal is to raise $25,500. 00 to place a memorial plaque in the Semper Fidelis Memorial Garden of the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The Heritage Foundation established guidelines for unit monuments and memorials; we will soon meet with an design architect to translate our dream to a reality. We hope to unveil our memorial during the August 2007 reunion. To date, $22,000 has been donated to the Memorial Fund. We have well over 1,000 members, yet less than 10% have donated. We are close to accomplishing our mission. Your continued financial support is crucial to reaching our goal. If you haven’t contributed, do so! If you have contributed, consider an additional contribution. Contributions may be made by check or money order payable to:


Mail contributions to: Charles Kershaw 2527 Unicornio Street Carlsbad, CA 92009


Our thanks and gratitude to those who generously donated to the Memorial Fund:

H.P. Alewine, P. Alexander, Craig Amo, James H. Anderson, David Apgar, Doc Aron, Fred Arthur, Eddie Ash, John Bailey, Robert Baird, Steven L. Baker, James J. Barta, Mark Bayuk, John Beard, Jack Below, David Boudreaux, Art Brooks, Robert “Doc” Buehl, Daniel Caporale, Jim Carroll, Jimmy M. Chandler, Alex Colvin, Hal Cordova, Kenneth Cotterman, John M. Derenick, Danny Deasane, Kent Dickson, William Doherty, Mark E. Doss, Phillip Downey, Jim Edwards, Carry Efaw, Alan Elfinger, Eanos T. Evans, Larry Farrell, Lother Lee Freeman, James A. Fossos, Gene S. Giles, David A Goodfield, William B Goodwin, Pat & Victoria Grady, Jack Grace, Mrs. Ronald Graebel, Donald Greenlaw, Curtis & Luana Greutzmacher, Gritz Towers, John Grandusky, Hilliard Hairston, George W. Haney, John F. Hare, James A Howard, William Howard, Charles E. Howdyshell, Robert Hungate, Vic Huone, Sgt Maj Jack Jaunal, Larry Keen, Charles W. Kershaw, Eugene Lashley, Jim Lubbock III, Carrol McBride, David M. McGraw, Peter R. Merry, Robert Morris & Julie Mooney, James A. Mosel, Thurman “Doc” Mullins, John Myers, Paul F. Olenski, Charles Olson, Jim Page, R.A Partee, Leonel R. Perez, Phil Peters, Frank Portportage, Phillip D. Rogers, Gary Rosencrans, James H. Rowe, W. Edgar Rowland, Richard Schadl, Tom Schroder, Jerry Spolter, Daniel Sweeney, Bernard E. Trainor, Daniel M. Turpin, Robert C. Vermurlen, Jerry Webb, Steven Whitney, Jim & Sharon Wilker, Danny P. Williams, and John Witmer.


1st Reconnaissance Battalion

1st Reconnaissance Battalion, with 262 hands, returned to Camp Pendleton 19 April following the battalion’s third deployment to Iraq. 1st Recon Battalion (-) (rein), with Company A (3 Platoons), Company C (2 Platoons), and H & S Company(-), reinforced with a fifty man platoon of FAST Company, was based at Camp Fallujah, Iraq and conducted operations in support of the 2nd Marine Division. The following 1st Recon Marines were awarded the Purple Heart: Sgt John J.Bottema, Sgt Nathan K. Christopher, LCpl Christopher T.Clark, Cpl Brandon S.Crocker, Cpl Michael Davis, Cpl Eric P. Desbiens, Cpl Brandon J. Donovan, LCpl Steven C.Easley, Cpl Daniel J.Eckardt, LCpl Aaron D. Glover, SSgt Charles H. Graves, Sgt Caleb P. Hohman, Sgt John M. Jencura, Cpl James Maccamond, Cpl Michael P. Mattammal, Capt Francis L. McCabe, LCpl T.J. Majeske, Sgt Ross J.Mcfadden, Pfc Carl W. Moore, Cpl Joshua D. Murray, Sgt Michael A. Musick, Sgt James P. Piepgrass, Cpl Garrett W.Scharffer, LCpl Amish B. Smith, Cpl Nathaniel E.Smith, LCpl Bryan J.Thaete,
and Cpl Casey R. Vague.

Delta Co. Plt. Commander and team leaders in Iraq attached to 3rd Recon

1st Recon Bn. 2006 Team Leader of the Year

Staff Sergeant Charles H. Graves has been selected as the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion 2006 Team Leader of the Year. SSgt Graves served as a Team Leader, Company B, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Regimental Combat Team 5, I Marine Expeditionary Force (forward) in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM 04-06 and 05-07 from 23 September 2005 to 1 April 2006.
Staff Sergeant Graves personifies the best qualities of both a Staff Non-Commissioned Officer of Marines and a Reconnaissance Team Leader. Throughout OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM 04-06 and 05-07, Staff Sergeant Graves demonstrated his outstanding abilities in the administration of his team, provision of their welfare, and, most importantly, leading them in combat.
Staff Sergeant Graves' team was involved in more contact with the enemy than any other team in the 1st Recon Battalion. Although this may have been the luck of the draw, his reaction to the enemy and decisions under fire reflected Staff Sergeant Graves’ proficiency as a Marine leader, as well as the training and preparation he put his team through to make them an efficient, professional and deadly fighting machine.

The Elite
  Ravino Book  


AUGUST 20-24

World War 11 Book

Hold Your Head High, Marine



Looking For
I have a request on the behalf of a Howard Marong looking for a
William Flanagan (spelling unsure) who was with 1st Recon in Chu Lai
in '65 or '66.

Contact Brian Riley brianbr@mac.com

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Bravo 2nd Plt. Reunion
  A reunion is taking place for 2nd plt B Co during the week of 04 02 at the del mar boat basin for those who served in the unit from 1990 to present anyone interested in attending should contact reconpj@yahoo.com  in relation to on base accomodation.

Semper fi
Denis Big O Owens

James H Rowe 11
Starbuck Narrative


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