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Fall/Winter 2011
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The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association members and friends whose generosity made this memorial a reality …

H.P. Alewine; P. Alexander; Craig Amo; James H. Anderson; David Apgar; Doc Aron; Fred Arthur; Eddie Ash; John Bailey; Robert Baird; Steven L. Baker; James J. Barta; Mark Bayuk; John Beard; Jack Below; David Boudreaux; Art Brooks; Robert “Doc” Buehl; Daniel Caporale; Jim Carroll; Jimmy M. Chandler; Alex Colvin; Hal Cordova; Kenneth Cotterman; John M. Derenick; Danny Deasane; Kent Dickson; William Doherty; Mark E. Doss; Phillip Downey; Jim Edwards; Carry Efaw; Alan Elfinger; Eanos T. Evans; Larry Farrell; Bud Fowler; Lother Lee Freeman; James A. Fossos; Gene S. Giles; David A Goodfield; William B Goodwin; Pat and Victoria Grady; Jack Grace; Mrs. Ronald Graebel; Donald Greenlaw; Curtis and Luana Greutzmacher; Gritz Towers; John Grandusky; Hilliard Hairston; George W. Haney; John F. Hare; Wayne Hatton; James A Howard; William Howard; Charles and Rhonda Howdyshell; Robert Hungate; Vic Huone; Sgt Maj Jack Jaunal; Larry Keen; Charles W. Kershaw; Loren Laird; Eugene Lashley; Jim Lubbock III; Carrol McBride; William McCloskey; David M. McGraw; Peter R. Merry; Lenny Miller; Kenneth R. Monnell; Bob Morris and Julie Mooney; James A. Mosel; Thurman “Doc” Mullins; John Myers; James R. Oleary; Paul F. Olenski; Charles Olson; Jim Page; R.A Partee; Leonel R. Perez; David Peters; Phillip Peters; Frank Portportage; Phillip D. Rogers; Gary Rosencrans; James H. Rowe; Ed Rowland; Richard Schadl; Tom Schroder; Jerry Spolter; Daniel Sweeney; Edward A. Tacchi; Bernard E. Trainor; Daniel M. Turpin; Robert C. Vermurlen; Jerry Webb; Steven Whitney; Jim and Sharon Wilker; Danny P. Williams; Audrey Winkelman; John Witmer and Wayne Zetzman.


Message from the President
   The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Memorial dedication was the defining event of the 2011 Reunion. This Patrol Report focuses primarily on the dedication ceremony, the Memorial and the tribute to our fallen team-mates.
   The Memorial was conceived by Bill Doherty and brought to fruition with the unwavering support of our members and donors. Jerry Ravino, Ed Tacchi, and Hu Campbell were instrumental in identifying the Korean War Reconnaissance Company’s dead, while Doc Buehl and deceased Director Ron Graebel were committed to creating a historical record of 1st Recon Battalion’s Vietnam KIAs. The success of the dedication ceremony is attributable to the planning and logistics assistance of Gary Maxam, 1st Recon’s color guard and the firing detail, bugler and Chaplain from Quantico. Finally, the eighteen Marines and Corpsmen who called the roll of our honored dead, brought dignity and compassion to the ceremony.
Congratulations to our newly elected Associate Director Fred Arthur and Association Secretary Arnold Gasper and our re-elected Historian David “Doc” Snider and Sergeant-at- Arms Larry Feldman. Our thanks and appreciation for the dedication and work of Jim Richards, who leaves the Board of Directors after six years of service.
   The Marines and Corpsmen of 1st Recon Battalion again deploy in harms way; keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
God bless America! God bless the United States Marine Corps! God bless 1st Reconnaissance Battalion!

Semper Fidelis,
Charlie Kershaw


    The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association dedicated a memorial at the Semper Fidelis Memorial Park, National Museum of the Marine Corps, to honor the 262 Marines and Corpsmen who gave their lives for their Corps and country, while serving with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion in the Korea, Vietnam and Iraqi. The 1200, 18 August 2011 dedication ceremony in the Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel was attended by over one hundred fifty reconnaissance Marines and Corpsmen, family members and friends of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association.

    Lt Gen W.C. “Chip” Gregson, USMC (Ret), a 1st Reconnaissance Battalion platoon commander, wounded in Vietnam, was the Guest of Honor. Lt Gen Gregson’s remarks about the Marine Corps’ traditional roles and missions and the contributions of 1st Recon Battalion set the tone for the dedication ceremony.

    Eighteen 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Marines and Corpsmen, who served in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, called the roll of our honored dead, identifying each, as inscribed on the face of the monument, by their rank, name, age at death and home state.

    Following the roll call, Chaplain Scott Morton, CHC, USN, said a prayer of dedication. The memorial ceremony moved from the chapel to 1st Reconnaissance Battalion’s imposing black granite memorial, standing in solemn testimony to the ultimate sacrifice of two hundred sixty–two reconnaissance Marines and Corpsmen. The memorial dedication ceremony culminated with the placing of a wreath at the monument, the firing detail rendering honors and, finally, Taps.



    KOREA 1950-1953


    Sgt Dirk Robert Abbas; PFC Horace Alford Jr; PFC Jonny Lee Allen; Pfc Frank Benenati; Pfc Robert Lyman Bowers Jr; Cpl Robert Arthur Bush; Cpl Gerald Joseph Day; Cpl Anthony Domingo Duram; GySgt. Joseph Rease Errgang; Pfc Leonard James Ferko; Pfc Paul Leon Ford; Sgt Kenneth Dwight Hartley; Pfc James Roger Kenny; Cpl Gordon Wayne Mooney; Sgt James Patrick Mayberry; Cpl Gordon Martin Moscicki; Pvt Carl Herbert Owens; Pfc Billy Joe Paige; Sgt Eugene Joseph Paveglio; Cpl Zachary Taylor Piercy II; Sgt Summer Eugene Richards; HM3 Louie James Rightmire; Pfc. Jerome Alexander Runci; Sgt Lloyd Buchanan Smalley, Navy Cross; Sgt Walter Louis Skwiecz; Pfc Bruce Merrick Warner; Pvt John Byron Whitson.


    VIET NAM 1965-1973

    LCpl John Terry Adams, Navy Cross, LCpl Ronnie Darnell Adcox; Gy Sgt Lemuel Lenoel Alewine; Cpl Anthony Allen; Pfc Ronald Carlis Anderson; Pfc James Allen Angermiller; Pfc Robert Laymon Armitage; SSgt Doyle, Atkins; LCpl Charles Leon Atkison; SSgt Darrell Eugene Ayers, Navy Cross; Pvt Bartolome Alfonso Baldera; Capt Eric Marvin Barnes; Sgt Joe Wilson Barnes; 2nd Lt Robert Crozier Barnes, Jr; LCpl James Allen Barrett; LCpl Lance Bryan Barton; 2nd Lt Larry Monroe Beck; LCpl Michael James Beck; Cpl Frank Joseph Beltran; Sgt James Bingenheimer; Cpl Roger Wayne Bishop; LCpl Gary Paul Bland; Sgt Godfred Blankenship; Pfc William Joseph Boland, Jr; LCpl Jimmy Booker; LCpl Frank Joseph Bosco; Pfc Barry Bernard Broerman; Pfc Curtis Charles Brown; Cpl Roger Vincent Paul Burke; Pfc Calvin Franklin Butterfield; Pfc Darrell Edward Campanello; LCpl James William Caputo; LCpl Evangelos K. Caranasios; Pfc Ignatius Carlisi; Pfc Gary Lee Carlson; Hm Loring William Carper, Jr; Pfc Lawrence Edward Clark; LCpl William Martin Clark; 1st Lt James Warren Cockrell Jr; Capt William Patrick Coll; Pfc Lawrence Henry Collier; Cpl Luis Felipe Correa; LCpl Francis Joseph Coulombe; Pfc Arthur Coby Councill, III; LCpl William Lloyd Crawford; Pfc Robert Lincoln Crites Jr; LCpl Karl Howard Culp; Capt John Dudley Dalhouse; Hm2 Russell Glen Daniels; LCpl Jerry Frederick De Gray; Pfc Donald Bing Dean; LCpl Kenneth Lamar Deavers, Jr; LCpl David Vincent Delozier; LCpl David Alan Dennis; Sgt Roy Geread Dorsett; LCpl Jean Pierre Dowling; Pfc Kenneth Lee Drew; 2nd Lt Shelton Lee Eakin; Pfc Marcus Richard Eckenrode; LCpl Terrece Eugene Edgar; Cpl Richard Wayne Evans; Pfc Larry Freeman Faulkner; 2nd Lt Thomas Bernard Ferguson; LCpl, Patrick Jay Fleming; LCpl Victor James, Ford; LCpl Jimmy Don Fulford; LCpl Donald Gagne; LCpl Marcial Bondoc Garcia; Pfc David Julian Gier; LCpl Walter Edward Gierman II; Pfc Franklin Delano R Gilbert;Pfc Robert Earl Gill; LCpl William Alan Gilmore; Pfc Thomas Duane Glawe; Hm 3 Louis Lloyd Goers; Pfc Charles Henry Goldmeyer; Cpl Thomas Walter Goszewski; 1stLt Arthur Powell Gray IV; Pvt Arthur Willie Greene; Cpl Harold Dexter Griffin; Sgt Edwin Russell Grissett Jr; Cpl William Allen Guillory; Pfc James Oscar Hall Jr; SSgt Kenneth Robert Hall; Pfc Robert Alan Haney; Pfc William Hixson Hardwick; LCpl Charles Edward Harris; 1stLt Cleveland Ray Harvey; LCpl John Harrison Hawley; LCpl Charles Thomas Heinemeier; LCpl Felipe Herrera, Navy Cross; Sgt Glen Ray Hicks; LCpl Joseph Arnold Hill; LCpl Jimmy Ray Holkem; LCpl Ray Earl Hombel; Sgt Roe Hopson Jr; Pfc Alton House; LCpl Gary Duane Hudson; Sgt James Edmond Huff; LCpl Charles Frank Huff; SSgt William Burdick Hughes; LCpl Donald Gene Jackson; LCpl Chester Jarmolinski Jr; Pfc Thomas Edward Jennings; Sgt Alan Theodore Jensen; Sgt Larry Allen Johnson; Pfc Ralph Henry Johnson, Medal of Honor; 2ndLt Richard S Johnson Jr; Cpl William D Johnson Jr; LCpl Clement B Johnston Jr, Navy Cross; LCpl James Howard Jones; Sgt Joseph John Jones; Cpl Raymond Stanley Joy; Major Daniel James Keating Jr; LCpl Ronald Frederick Kitzke; LCpl Jonathan Peter Kmetyk; 2nd Lt Kenneth Arthur Kubik; LCpl John Vincent, Kuchta; 2nd Lt Anthony Edward Kupka; Hm Bruce Stephen La Porte; 2nd Lt John Hayes Lakin; Hm2 Michael Louis Laporte; Pfc Roger Minett Lay; SSgt Carl Robert Leed; Lt Col William Groom Leftwich Jr, Navy Cross; Hm 3 Earl Roger Lerch; Pfc Durand Garfield Liggett; Pfc Ervin Lovell; Cpl Joseph Walter Lyons; Cpl Randall Paul Manela; Pfc Lawrence Martin; 2nd Lt William Everett Martin; LCpl Alcadio Norber Mascarenas; Pfc John Arthur McIntosh; Pfc James Odas McKinney; Pfc Francis McLaughlin; Capt Lavoy Don McVey; Pfc Rene Medeguari; Cpl Daniel Lee Mitchell; Cpl Frank James Montez; LCpl William Charles Moon; LCpl William Robert Moore; LCpl Jimmy Lee Moore; Pfc Douglas Ronald Mowbray; Cpl Michael George Murdock; Pfc Dennis Gerard Murphy; Cpl Patrick James Murphy; LCpl Harold Earl Musselman; Pfc Dennis Jerrod Oliver; Cpl Harry Steven Oneto Jr; Pfc Gary Varner Orsland; LCpl Ronald Matthew Padilla;
    LCpl George Willard Patterson; Pfc Jeffery Scott Patterson; Hm Henry Ellwood Pearce II; LCpl Dale
    Allen Pennington; Sgt Robert Crain Phleger; LCpl Charles Alfred Pope; Sgt Gerald Leland Poppa;
    LCpl James Earl Prideaux; LCpl Gary Wayne Ragsdale; SSgt William George Rash; 1st Lt Henry Porter Rathmell; LCpl Edward Harold Rauch; Pfc Ronald Lee Reed; LCpl John Owen Rhodes; Pfc Harry Lee Riley Jr; LCpl Melvin Joseph Riley Jr; Cpl Michael Bernard Robinson; Pfc Timothy Charles Robinson; Pfc Robert Lee Rogers; LCpl Joseph Michael Romero; SSgt, Jose Antonio Rosas; Pfc Leonard Dale Rose; Sgt Robert Charles Rudd; 2nd Lt William G. Schanck Jr; LCpl Paul Scheckler; Cpl Joseph William Schuster; Cpl Robert Laurence Shafer; 1st Lt Charles W. Sharman III; Pfc Craig Stephen Shelton; LCpl Fay Clyde Simmons III; Cpl Edward Junior Simons; Pfc James Walter Sincere: Pfc Larry James Sinegal; LCpl Ronald Paul Sisson; 2nd Lt David William Skibbe, Navy Cross; 2nd Lt John Edward Slater; Pfc Edward Francis Smith; LCpl Michael Ray Smith; Pfc Scott Gary Smith; 1st Lt Walter J. Spainhour Jr; Cpl James Carl Spinuzzi; Sgt Robert French Starbuck; LCpl Thomas Raymond Steinbach; Pfc John Marvin Stenberg; Cpl John Frank Stockman; 2nd Lt Larry George Stone; LCpl Luther Tony Stowe; Sgt Charles Deveaux Tannehill; Pfc Gilbert Thibeault; Pfc Larry Edward Thomas; Cpl Jerrald Rich Thompson; GySgt Vincent Robert Thornburg; Cpl Gary Dean Tisdall; Cpl Orlando Torres-Oyola; Cpl Randy Gene Totten; Hm3 Robert Louis Tracy; LCpl Robert Eugene Tucker; Sgt Dennis Elmer Ulstad; Pfc James Lee Urnes; Pfc Tony Vale; Cpl Sherman Dale Vance; Cpl Fernando Villasana; Sgt Craig Leslie Walton; Pfc Peter Joseph Weidemier; LCpl Richard Anthony Weil Jr; LCpl Terry Michael Westergard; LCpl Russell Desmond,Whelchel; Pfc Theodore Jay Whitlock; Sgt David Joseph Wikander; Pfc David Hunter Wilkerson; LCpl Ronald Anthony Williams; Cpl James Ronald Willis; Pfc Daniel Earl Winters; LCpl Thomas Duane Worrel; Pvt Craig Martin Yancey; and Hm Richard WoodrowYates.

  • IRAQ 2003-2010

    1st Lt Travis Joseph Manion; Capt Brent Lee Morel, Navy Cross; Sgt Jonathan James Simpson; and
    Sgt Nicholas Rudolph Walsh.

American Heroes: Grunts, Pilots & "Docs", Books I & II
Michael Dan Kellum

A 2-book series about Marine grunts, Recon, pilots and aircrews and Navy corpsmen in Vietnam is soon to be published. These books are the result of a 21-year project to gather research material, interview Marines and Navy Corpsmen and finally the writing. Some 1,019 Marines and 42 Navy Corpsmen are included in Books I and II. 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Vietnam 1969-70, is the main focus of the Recon stories...included are Lt.Col Bill Drumright, Lt.Col William Leftwich Jr., Cpl. Larry Feldman, Gy Sgt Terry Moore, SSgt. John Hare, Cpl. Bob Morris, Doc Thurman Mullins, Doc David Snider, 2nd Lt. Tony Kupka, 1st Lt. Chip Gregson and many more. For more information about these books and some excerpts and photos, go to the author’s website at: The website also contains the ordering form and pricing. If you have additional questions about the books, contact Michael Dan Kellum at: The publisher is Navarro-Hill Publishing Group, P.O. Box 1088, Longview, TX 75606
  • Thirty-nine commemorative bricks line the pathway in front of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Memorial;
    An additional twenty bricks are on order and will be placed in the concrete pad surrounding the memorial. Commemorative bricks, to honor a reconnaissance Marine or Corpsman, living or deceased, may be ordered through the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association with a donation of $215.00. Each brick inscription may have three lines; each line is not more than 20 characters in length (this includes all letters, punctuation and spaces); each line must end with a complete word or name (words and names will not be hyphenated or continued on the next line). On the right are two examples of 1st Recon’s commemorative bricks:

    Send your contact information, brick inscription and check or money order to: 1st Recon Battalion Association, c/o C. Kershaw, 2527 Unicornio Street, Carlsbad, CA 92009. Call/email Charlie Kershaw with brick questions at: 760 438-8638 or 




1st Reconnaissance Battalion

1st Reconnaissance Battalion, less elements supporting MEU (SOC) deployments, is again deployed. 1st Reconnaissance Battalion is currently composed of A, B, C Companies, 1st Force Company (formerly D Company) and Headquarters and Service Company.

Raider Report, the battalion’s newsletter, is available on line at 1st Recon Battalion’s official website: The Raider Report is also posted at our Recon Assn. web site: Link is on the left under "Off Site Links. 1st Recon Battalion’s website is comprehensive and very informative. To stay informed about the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, visit their website.



Warriors mourned by their comrades in arms

Henry Keeler           1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1970-71

Peter Koerner          D Company, RVN 1967-68

Jesse Smith               Delta 66/67

Gordon Pueschner    1st Recon 65/67 and 69

New Members



Through the persistence of his team-mates, Jim Wilker was awarded a Silver Star for his heroic actions in Vietnam. In a ceremony preceding the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Memorial dedication, Lt Gen W.C. “Chip” Gregson, USMC (Ret) presented the Silver Star medal to Jim Wilker for service as set forth in the following CITATION:

“For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy while serving as a member of the 1st Reconnaissance Company, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division in the Republic of Vietnam on 15 July 1968. Corporal Wilker’s Force Reconnaissance patrol was ambushed by a superior enemy force and was awaiting extraction in the cover of a bomb crater. Without regard to his own personal safety, he left the cover of the crater to retrieve a fallen Marine in close proximity of the enemy force. After reentering the crater, an enemy grenade landed in the middle of his squad. Corporal Wilker selflessly retrieved the grenade, throwing it back at the enemy force resulting in enemy casualties. Corporal Wilker then volunteered to be the last Marine extracted and laid down suppressive fire, killing several enemy combatants while the rest of his squad was lifted to safety. Corporal Wilker’s heroic actions that were selflessly conducted regardless of the risk to his own personal safety saved the lives of his fellow squad members and allowed the valuable intelligence his squad had gathered to be reported to his superiors. By his bold initiative, undaunted courage, and complete dedication to duty, Corporal Wilker reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.”

For the President,
Ray Mabus
Secretary of the Navy




Looking For

I have a great friend, Robert "Bob" Eisenbach, that served with Delta Co 1st Recon in Vietnam. Was wounded very bad on July 4th 1968 and his life was saved by a corpsman with the last name of Sailing. He actually gave his son the middle name of Sailing. He has tried without success to find this gentleman. I'm an old beat up retired HM myself that spent a stent with recon in the 80's and 90's Is there anyway to try and track this guy down through your organization??

Mark R. Arrant
Orthopedic Department, TSC


I am looking for any members of RT Grim Reapeor or those who have information on an incident involving Grim Reaper in the mountains south of Da Nang in May 1967. I was with Kilo 3/7 and we were sent to assist Grim Reaper. Unfortunatley,a few members of Grim Reaper ended up being killed after we had linked up with them. We were on our way back down the mountain with Grim Reaper walking point. They walked into an ambush ans suffered a couple of KIA's.

I was doing some research on a Recon KIA list that I found. I found the names of 2 individuals - LCpl. Durand Liggett and SSgt. Rosas - that were both killed on May 8th in Qunag Nam. I seemed to recall there was a Hispanic SNCO that possibly was the team leader; however, Rosas is listed as a dog handler and from Force Recon. Liggett is listed as being from Recon. I asked my sniper partner who was with me in Kilo 3/7 if that date seemed right. He has a copy of a letter he wrote home after we returned from the operation. The problem is that his letter is date May 17th and he indicates we had just returned.

Something else to add to this whole incident is that after the ambush we regrouped on the mountain called for a medivac for the 2 KIA and another wounded. The first 46 received incoming .50 cal fire. Fixed wing was called in. The 46 returned and as it was hovering (because of the triple canopy, a hoist had to be used) but was once again shot at. More fixed wing was called in and then the AF sent in a Jolly Green. The JG had just hosted up the WIA and was trying to hoist up the KIA's when it was shot down on top of us. We ended up having to hump off the mountain carrying all of the casualties.

Robert C Holm - 2242045
Gunnery Sergeant
USMC (1966-1975)
Vietnam (1966-1969)
Kilo & Mike 3/7 (1966-1967)
1st CAG -CAP Units:Lima 4*1-3-6*1-3-5*1-3-8
*1-3-2*1-3-9 (1967-1969)