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Many Patrol Report mailouts and emails are undelivered and returned to the Association due to incorrect or out of date addresses. Help the Association maintain contact; if you are not receiving the Patrol Report, email Charlie Kershaw and correct or update our records.


Message from the President
   Sixty-one 1stReconnaissance Battalion Association members and guests attended the 2015 San Diego Reunion. Chris Stear, attending his first reunion, traveled from Queensland Australia.
Recon Reunions succeed due to the volunteer efforts of our members. In addition to the Association Directors who pitched-in where needed, our thanks and appreciation go to Gene and Bonnie Lashley, Rod Kicklighter, Ed and Pat Rowland, and Chris Stear for their tireless efforts to ensure the success of our auction and the hospitality suite.
    Congratulations to Association Chaplain Dave Backer, Director John Clary and Unit Director Gil Perez on their re-election.
    November marks the 240th Birthday of the Marine Corps. The Commandant’s 240th Birthday message is attached. In addition, I invite you to review the Commandant’s Birthday video message and an unofficial Marine Corps Birthday video at the following link:

    1st Reconnaissance Battalion and the Force Company maintain a demanding training and operational tempo. Keep these Marines and Corpsmen, especially those deployed, in your thoughts and prayers.
God bless America! God bless the United States Marine Corps! God bless 1st Reconnaissance Battalion!

Semper fidelis,
Charlie Kershaw


    One hundred and seventeen commemorative bricks now line the pathway in front of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Memorial and on the pad around it. There is room for many more commemorative bricks. Commemorative bricks, honoring a reconnaissance Marine or Corpsman, living or deceased, may be ordered through the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association with a donation of $215.00. Each brick inscription may have three lines; each line is not more than 20 characters in length (this includes all letters, punctuation marks and spaces); each line must end with a complete word or name (words and names will not be hyphenated or continued on the next line). The following are two examples of 1st Recon commemorative bricks:

    Send your contact information, brick inscription and check or money order to: 1st Recon Battalion Association, c/o C. Kershaw, 2527 Unicornio Street, Carlsbad, CA 92009. Call/email Charlie Kershaw with brick questions at: 760 438-8638 or 


The Marines and Sailors of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion continue to maintain the reconnaissance legacy by performing superb work throughout the world in support of our national objectives. Companies are focused on training and forward deploying with the West Coast MEUs, and 1st Force Reconnaissance Company supports I MEF and 1st MEB providing deep reconnaissance and surveillance and raid support to larger MAGTF missions.

H&S Company continues to provide exceptional support to the very high op tempo recon units. They are also executing a series of Warrior Competitions, most recently an engine appreciation event building, paddling, and high-carrying CRRCs throughout the Del Mar area on base.

Alpha Co: In their unit training phase leading to a deployment with the 11th MEU late next year. Just finished a DFT to Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, conducting recon and surveillance missions in the Sandia Mountains with support from the USAF 58th Special Operations Wing. Moving into amphibious operations and supporting Exercise STEEL KNIGHT with the 1st Marine Division in December.

Bravo Co: Currently deployed as the Maritime Raid Force for the 15th MEU. Returning later this year, they have executed a variety of missions in support of joint, coalition, and special operations units in the CENTCOM AO. Several Marines just graduated from the challenging French Commando "School of the Desert", and executed training missions in Oman and the Horn of Africa.

Charlie Co: CHOPed to the 13th MEU and are in the midst of the workup leading to their CERTEX in December; They have been executing pre-deployment training up and down the coast of the southwestern US. C Company will deploy to PACOM and CENTCOM early next year.

Force Co: Continues numerous Theater Security Cooperation deployments to SOUTHCOM. The company conducted the full range of reconnaissance missions in support of 1st MEB this summer during Exercise DAWN BLITZ. Currently, a platoon is deployed to Brazil for UNITAS, working hand-in-hand with the Brazilian MARSOF "Tonelero" Battalion. They continue to push the envelope for SOF and joint interoperability, as well as developing new tactics and techniques for the reconnaissance community

  • 1st Marine Division 75th anniversary. The Commanding General, 1st Marine Division, invites current and former members of the Division to attend the Division’s 75th anniversary celebration,
    1-5 February 2016. 75th Anniversary details and registration forms will be available on the FMDA website ( and the Old Breed News or call June or Heidi in the Association Office at: 760 918-5801.

    1st Marine Division Association (FMDA ) and 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association Reunion will be held in Houston, Texas from 1-8 August 2016. Reunion hotel and event details will be published in upcoming Old Breed News and on the FMDA and 1st Recon Association websites.

1st Sgt Jimmie E. Howard, MOH

On August 21, 2015, 1st Recon Battalion Association held
a grave-site memorial service at Fort Rosecrans National
Cemetary San Diego, California, to honor the distinguished
service and memory of 1st Sgt Jimmie E. Howard.

Attending the remembrance were representatives of 1st Recon
Battalion and 1st Recon Battalion Association, Commander
Jack Fay, Commanding Officer USS Howard (DDG 83) and
Jimmie Howard’s daughters Evette, Yvonne, Barbara and

Jimmie Howard’s Medal of Honor was awarded for
“conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his own
life above and beyond the call of duty on 16 June 1966 while
serving with Company C, First Reconnaissance Battalion…
against the enemy near Chu Lai, Republic of Vietnam.” The eighteen man reconnaissance
platoon, led by then Gunnery Sergeant Howard, was occupying an observation post deep
within enemy controlled territory. Shortly after midnight on 16 June 1966, the platoon’s position
on hill 488 was viciously attacked by a Viet Cong force estimated to be battalion size. In the
ensuing fight against incredible odds, Howard’s platoon is estimated to have killed over 200
Viet Cong while sustaining 6 KIAs. In addition to Gunnery Sergeant Howard’s Medal of Honor,
Marines and Corpsmen in the platoon were awarded 18 Purple Heart medals, 4 Navy Crosses,
and 13 Silver Stars. As a result of the battle for “Howard’s Hill”, Jimmie Howard’s platoon may
be the most decorated small unit in Marine Corps history.


Then and Now…


Camp Reasoner, Da Nang, Republic of Viet Nam, was named in honor of
First Lieutenant Frank S. Reasoner, Company A, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion. First Lieutenant Reasoner,was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity while leading a reconnaissance patrol in heavily controlled Viet Cong territory near Da Nang, Viet Nam.

Camp Reasoner served as the 3rd Recon Battalion and 1st Recon Battalion CP in Da Nang from 1966-1971.

On a recent Vietnam Battlefield Tour, several reconnaissance Marines and Corpsmen re-discovered the 1970 Camp Reasoner sign. Negotiations are ongoing with the Vietnamese government and 1st Recon Battalion Association to bring the sign to Camp Pendleton, CA. If the Vietnamese government approves our request to bring the sign to the US, the Association will initiate a fund raising effort to excavate, ship, restore and prepare the site. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Stand by …




New Members




George Warrington Delta66/67
Feb. 2, 2015

Jack Below Bravo/Charlie Oct. 66- Apr. 67
Oct. 27, 2015