" American people sleep peaceably in their beds at night because
brave men across oceans deal violence on their behalf".

I remember the first time I heard that. It ( no joke ) took the sting
out of the salt in the sand and made it my friend. It gave me something
I didn't have before. At that very second I knew "I was different" and
I knew there would be "no glory".

  I can recall lying there scared shit less, in the sand ,ears ringing, mag
empty! as I began to ever so slowly reach forward to hit my mag
release I felt what I thought was a light mist hit my wrist between my
glove and my sleeve. and I stopped to think. I began to notice the same
feeling of what felt like a heavy fog falling in my ear. After about three
seconds it occurred to me it was the sap settling back down from the
trees hit by enemy ambush fire,... a second later ....I found peace .......
and chuckled.
  R.T Hunter 1st Recon Bn. A Co . Team Voodoo /93  
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