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Ronald Frederick Kitzke (Center)
2nd Plt, Bravo Company KIA 27 Dec. 67   32-E-76
Ralph Johnson
Medal Of Honor

John V. Kuchta   Delta Co.
KIA  2/6/69



Tom Jennings Alpha   KIA    March 3, 1968

Edward Rauch   Alpha  KIA Oct. 17, 1967

William "Bill" Lloyd KIA Oct. 22, 66

Bill Clark on left KIA 8-4-1970
2nd squad 6th platoon, 1st Force Recon Co.
Submitted by Arthur Bradshaw on right


Richard Evans on far right Repelling acident on LZ 401
July 13, 70    Panel 08W - - Line 14


Sgt. Simpson KIA Oct. 14, 06 at Khaladiyah, Iraq Bravo B-2nd Plt Submitted by Capt. Jason Johnston Plt. Commander

Seth Algrim Oct 30th 2006 Training accident at Camp Pendleton
Sumitted by Jackie Algrim

1st Lt. Travis Manion KIA April 29, 07 H&S Maintenance Management Officer attached as the Battalion Logistics Advisor with 3D BN, 2D BDE, 1ST IA DIV MITT, RCT-6, II

Sgt. Nick Walsh Charlie Co. KIA May 26, 07

Christian Regenhard 1st Recon 95-97
New York Fighterfighter lost on 9-11-01


Frank Bosco, Delta Company KIA June 21, 1969

Melvin Riley
KIA 9/3/67 Delta Company
Ervin Lovell On Left KIA 5/14/67 Alpha Co.
Brother Tom On Right.

Pfc Arthur Willie Green
KIA 1/20/67 2nd Plt Bravo Company
Lance Barton Alpha Co.
KIA 12/26/67

Dennis Ulstad Alpha Co.
KIA on Jan 26, 1969 second tour
William A. Guillory Alpha Co.
KIA July 19, 1967

Paul Ford KIA Nov. 6, 1950
1st Recon Co.
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Cpl Patrick James Murphy
KIA May 15, 1968 Team Stone Pit, Alpha Co.
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