The Association is pleased and privileged to welcome the following new members.


Phillip Bailey B CO 1969-70
Terry Barkovich B CO 1977-80
Ron Colombani B CO 1966-67
Joseph Cropper DivRcnCo 1955-56
Bill Davidson C CO 1969-70
Sam DiNardi B CO 1983-86
Everett Keifer BCO, 1stLAR 1991-93
Nathaniel Fick B CO 2002-03
Charles Graves C CO 2000-04
James Geftken H&S CO 1967-68
Raymond L Hall 1967-69
Raymond M Hall E CO 1968-69
Bill Hatten C CO 1980-82
Ray Hildreth C CO 1966-67
Charles Howdyshell H&S CO 1967
Ronald Huffman D CO 1969-70
Ron Hughes A CO 1961-64
Glen Humbert B CO 1960-61
Herman Jones B CO 1968-69
Michael Kuzenski 1990-93
Nick Morin H&S CO 2002-04
Daryl Myers D CO 1968-69
John Peeples D CO 1966-67
Dennis Prinos D CO/H&SCO 1969
Stephan Reep C CO 1966-67
John Rizzo D CO 1967-68
David Robin E CO 1969-70
Kent Rupert 1967-71
Mahindra Seobarra 1991
Douglas Soeder E CO 1969
Robert Stockham H&S CO 1968
Alan Taylor A CO 1990-92
Joshua Taylor C CO 1998-02
Alexander Todd C CO 1975-77
Ernie Wallace B CO 1968-69

1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association Memorial Fund

The foresight and leadership of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation is making the dream of a National Museum of the Marine Corps a reality. Construction began last year at Quantico Virginia. The National Museum of the Marine Corps is a unique opportunity “ to honor those Marines who preceded us…to confirm our heritage…to share with our nation, and with each other, the riches of our experiences…and to leave a lasting and glorious legacy for the future.” At Reunion 2002 in New York City, our Association established a Memorial Fund in honor of the 240 Marines and Corpsmen who gave their lives in service to their country as members of 1st Recon Bn in Vietnam. Our goal is to donate to the National Museum of the Marine Corps $100.00 in memory of each of our fallen comrades. The gift will be commemorated by a plaque placed in the memorial park adjoining the National Museum. Contributions to the Memorial Fund should be check or money order payable to:


Contributions may be mailed to:
Secrectary/Treasurer Jim Fossos
20750 7th Ave. South
Des Moines, WA 98198
President Charlie Kershaw
2527 Unicornio Street
Carlsbad, CA 92009