Message from the President

Less than a year after their return form Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 1st Marine Division is again engaged in combat operations in Iraq. 1st Reconnaissance Battalion deployed to Iraq in late February and engaged the enemy in Fallujah as part of Regimental Combat Team 1. Company B was the first element of the battalion engaged by insurgents; Captain Brent Morel was killed in the engagement and three marines were wounded and medevaced to CONUS. Another recon marine was medevaced as a result of wounds received in a subsequent engagement. Our condolences and sympathy are extended Captain Morel’s wife and parents; in addition, our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery go out to the wounded marines.
The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association Reunion 2004, August 12-15, at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC. promises to be memorable. We will host a luncheon on August 13th at the Washington Navy Yard; Lieutenant General Garry Parks, Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, an Association member, will be our Guest of Honor. Join us! Come to Washington, DC, join your recon teammates and renew the bonds of friendship, commitment, and selfless service with comrades in arms and Association members. The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association Officers, Directors and I look forward to seeing you at Reunion 2004.
God bless America! God bless the United States Marine Corps!

Semper Fideles,
Charlie Kershaw