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In my April VFW magazine I noted your name re the 1st recon. bn. reunion
Sullivan, my cousin thru marriage, would only discuss his activities from 1941 thru his final discharge, when I "dragged" it out of him. Including various island invasions during WW2 thru Korea and Viet Nam.
If your organization has any background on him I would appreciate anything you can provide.
Art died from brain cancer, probably from agent orange. His wife died about 3-4 years ago. He had a son and daughter who really did not get to know him since he was gone most of the time when they were growing up,
I remember him as a true "hero" from his didication. After he retired he got rid of most of his marine collection.
When I was stationed in Tokyo and Korea, many years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a full day with him in Tokyo
The last time I saw him before he died he was suffering from brain cancer. From all of 194l thru Viet Nam he never was wounded--However, he went to mass every day that he could. Also, he would never let his wife see him off when he was heading overseas.
After he died I could not find any photos of him --I have been searching for something to hang onto for memories. If you have anything I would appreciate it if you could tell me how I can find something . He was in Iran at the time of the revolution and they ran for the plane with whatever they could carry
The thing that ticks me off is that the enemy never could wound him but his own country got him with agent orange

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