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                Those Not In The 1st Recon Association Listed By Company

                                             1st Force Included


Arnie E. Allen recon@linkny.com 1st Recon  Alpha Deuce 67/67

Bill Buhl billbuhl@frontiernet.net I shipped out with Alpha when the 1st Mar did...spent a couple months @ Schwab...then took 2 A to Nam...became 2A 3rd and were pretty much picked over and spread out amongst 3rd.......I was and advisor to a Vietnamese Marine LRR co in early 70 and was back up to REASONER on a sccrounge mission ...did not serve w 1st N country...beyond that...hell yes....John Dunn....Fred Wilson...Billy Armer some 1st U may be aware of....buhl

Dennis Turner dturner21@comcast.net Alpha Co. 66/67

Donald Clay declay1023@prodigy.net -1st Recon Alpha Team Leader for Grim Reaper May 70/ March 71

Donald Dobson Dobson1688@aol.com Alpha 1st Recon and 1st Force

Douglas Burkhardt burkd7d@yahoo.com 1st Recon Alpha Co 67/68

George Wells swiftscout@msn.com 1st Recon Alpha Nov. 70 - March 71 Team Swift Scout

Gerald Young Marcy@armada.net -1st Recon Alpha Texas Pete 67/68

J.E. Roof nancyroof649@msn.com 1st Recon 69 Alpha Co.

Jerry Young Marcy@armada.net -1st Recon Texas Pete Alpha 67/68

Jim Batts jamesbatts@charter.net Alpha Co 70/71


John "Creg" Howland jchowland68@cox.net 1st Recon Alpha and H&S Jan. 69 to April 70

Larry Fowler litenlarry@kc.rr.com 1st Recon Alpha Ace 69/70

Michael Hoke Michael.Hoke@rexhealth.com 1st Recon Alpha 70

Mike Hoake Michael.Hoke@rexhealth.com 1s Recon Alpha Co. 70

Noah Hamilton noah_a_hamilton@yahoo.com 1st Recon-Corpsman with Cossack and Paralell Bars in late '69 early '70 ... I stepped on a booby trap on 6 May '70 ... by the way anybody know how to find a guy named Grobe.

Paul Coulombe pastorpaul8@earthlink.net -1st Recon Alpha Co Team Cayenne 70/71

Peter Voelker- oldguy94553@yahoo.com 1st Recon Alpha Co. 68/69

Raymond Johnson mcrecon@bellsouth.net -1st Recon Alpha- team Cossack Nov 70 - May 71.

Rod Hunter bhunter@methow.com -1st Recon Alpha Texas Pete 67/68

Roy Davis RDavis1085@aol.com -1st Recon Alpha co Pointman for Movable & Lil Abner

Tony Martinez deemarti@bellsouth.net - 1st Recon Alpha 69/70

Bill Wedekind bill@unique2pottery.com -1st Recon Bn Bravo Co. Team Cayenne 68

Don Bell marinelurp@hotmail.com -1st Recon S-2 and served with team Achilles and Grim Reaper. 70/71

John Covington sdrarabs@informatics.net -A Co. 1st Recon 67/68 team Texas Pete

Ron Overton overtonr@cablespeed.com 1st Recon 68/69

Tommy Combs Combsswiftscout@aol.com 1st Recon & 1st Force 70/71 Swift Scout


Arthur Bradshaw arthurbradshaw@sbcglobal.net 1st Recon Bravo Co & 1st Force 70/71

Arthur Saucedo (Todo) sssusanh@hotmail.com -1st Recon B. Co. 68/69

Bill Hartley cohandyman@attbi.com -1st Recon Bravo Co. 68/69

Bobby Earp bobbye@dockpoint.net -1st. Recon, B Co. At that time, king Dixon was Co. Commander. I was there 66-67-68, left in april of 68.

David Emery DME1118@aol.com - (Bossman) 1st Recon Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon 9/66 to 4/68


David Rose smlrose@swbell.net -1st Recon LCpl 1st Platoon, Bravo Co. teams "Panama Hat","Albrook", and "Lynch Law" 6/68/-5/69

Doc Ron Crowe RNDDNDAN@aol.com -Bravo 5 .call signs hanover sue, lynch law,fast day.doc Crowe 68

Doug Wolfe Wolfee10@aol.com 1st Recon 68/69 3rd Plt Bravo Teams Blue Spruce and Cayenne

ERNEST EUSEA ERNESTEUSEA@msn.com -1st Recon Bravo 66/68

Gary Cooper COOP1375@cs.com Bravo Ist Recon Blt. from December 9, 1968 to December 10, 1969. I would like to talk to anyone with my old unit there as well as 2nd Blt Recon and 2nd Force Recon. I was with both from January 70 to June 72.

Gary Carlson chevron@upnet.net -arrived with Bn in Mar 67 at Chu Lai from the rock onboard the USS taladaga if I remember correctly. I took Doc Gee place in Delta 2nd plt. He went to the BAS if I'm not mistaken. Dr. Groves? was Bn Medical Officer. Anyway 8 HMs went from B med on the rock to 1st recon. We lost 2 good HMs during my time there both with charlie comp.

Gerald Holloway tazmann@mtnia.com - Patrol Leader of Nightsticker II in B Co 3 Recon Bn. I was with 3rd Recon Bn in 1966-67 and went back to Viet Nam in Jan 1970-first assigned to a CAP Unit in Chu Lai and then in about Feb went to 1st Force Recon in Da Nang and stayed until had to come home on emergency leave in later part of April. XO put me in Operation/training, COC bunker NCOIC, Jump Master, and other stuff I didn't want to do. Got a chance to volunteer to go and extract one of our teams, only chance I got to go near the bush during my second partial tour.

Hank Romo romosport@prodigy.net -1st Recon Staff Sgt in B Co, Jan through Dec of 1969.

Joel Hovland Joelhovland@aol.com -1st Recon Bravo 69/70 Teams Saddle Bag and Rush Act

Ken Cassidy Kcassidy@erols.com -1st Recon Bravo 68/69 Corpsman

Michael Bryant MBryant493@aol.com 1st Recon Bravo Feb. 67 to Oct. 67

Nicholas Byrne 1st Recon 66 Bravo

Nicholas Byrne Mbyrne24@aol.com 1st Recon Bravo 66

Norm Harrell dianelharrell@hotmail.com -1st Recon Bravo 69/70

Phil Prince PVoelker@ix.netcom.com -I joined the Bn. in the fall of 70,Maj Ron Bub, S3 Ops Officer transferred me to Bravo around Christmas of 70.' As a Plt Cmdr, I spent a lot of the time in the bush with teams orienting me to the difference between being an advisor (1st tour) and a Plt Sgt with 3/3 on the Rock Pile (2nd tour). Sometime during the first part of 71' Maj Bub reassigned me as Insert/Extract Officer with Bravo Co. I shared those responsibilities with Creed, Bob Fawcett and Capt. Higgins. called me "Pappy" or "grandpa" because I was 32 years old during this tour. By the way, I was a GySgt when commissioned in 1968, shortly after my 2nd tour

Robert Torres reconbob70@hotmail.com -1st Recon Bravo Co 2plt 3/70-9/70 Da Nang

Troy Hensley SgtMajHensley@aol.com -1st Recon 70 Bravo

Wes Ulman Wesley_Ullman@us.crawco.com radio operator 65/66


Bill Butler butseadog@sbcglobal.net -1st Recon Charlie Co 66/67

Bill Davidson bad2500@alltel.net 1st Recon Charlie Co. Sept. 69/Aug 70

Bob Buda rsbuda@adelphia.net -C. Company, 1st Recon BN moved to Phu Bai with 1st force Recon on January 4, 1968

Charles Breedlove BREEDLOVECWB@AOL.COM -1st Recon Charlie Co

Daniel Linderman danwlind@voyager.net 1st Recon Charlie Co. Nov. 60 to Sept. 70

Dick Hall RBHALL122@aol.com -1st Recon Charlie Co

Dick Shawver USMCVFW@aol.com 1st Recon Charlie Co. 69/70

Don Leland Gypsiesto@aol.com (Peppy)-1st Recon Charlie Co. 67/68

Don White dwhite21@mindspring.com - 1st Recon 68/69 * 71/72

Gary Beneze garybeneze@attbi.com -1st Recon Charlie Co. 68/69

Gordon Pueschner pusch@pivot.net - 1st Recon Charlie Co 67/68

Hector Gutierrez Hectorg@lemoorenet.com -1st Recon Charlie Co. 66/67

James Aleva Merc4652@aol.com - 1st Recon 70-71 Cco. Sniper plt, Charlie 3 team leader.

Jay Pennington jay@saber.net -1st recon bn 68-69 Co C Da Nang.0311/8651

Jim Edwards Jedw464991@aol.com -1st Recon am searching for people who served with company c, 1st recon,1st mar div from 22 sept 65 to 15 march 66. was out on patrol in another unit when jimmie howard was hit. served with 3rd recon,3rd mar div prior to 1st Recon.

John Henderson jrmsj@tctwest.net -1st Recon Charlie Co. Da Nang & Phu Bai March 67-August 69 5th Force Recon 69/70 Camp Pendleton

John Smolen JohnSmolen@aol.com 1st Recon-Charlie Company in 67 -68.

John Somers somers7@vdial.net - I was with C Co upon arival May 70 worked in office about 2 mo's than begged to go to the teams and was assigned to team Rudder spent three visits to hill 425 got bit by the mosquito that put me in the Hospitial for about 20 days returned to the world during this time and I went to B Co team RushAct Returned to Camp Pendleton May 71 I stayed unitl Dec 71 Then on to 3rd Recon for 1972

LARRY PODSCHELNE DeoGratias124@aol.com 1st Recon Charlie ?

Ken "Pony" Monell-Charlie Co. 1st Recon-68/69-Contact Harry Hayes Larry Gifford Contact Mike Simpson

Michael Maxwell integra44@hotmail.com Charlie Company at Chu Lai, 66/67

Michael Rosendahl MGROSENDAHL@aol.com -1st Recon from December 1965 until January 1967. 3rd. platoon of C Company.

Paul Wilson 99pwilson@home.com -1st Recon Charlie Co

Rick Knight Namosus@aol.com 1st Recon Charlie Co. 68/69

Rick Shawver usmcvfw@aol.com 1st Recon Charlie Co. 69/70

Roger Speakman ssa272@yahoo.com.hk 1st Recon Charlie Co. 69

Steve Ciborowski johnstandridge@home.com -1st Recon C Co.

Steve Whitney Drankin247@email.com - 1st Recon Charlie Co

Walt Reed k3nv@cox.net 1st Recon Charlie Co 65/66 Chu Lai


Adrian Lopez tiger67@mail.com - 1st Recon I was the one that got attacked by a tiger in Nov. '67 while on a patrol to Charlie Ridge. You should have seen all the BRASS that were waiting for us after that patrol. They all wanted to see that tiger skin...ha!I got to Nam in August of '67 in Chu Lai and served with Delta Co./ 1stRecon / We moved up to DaNang shortly after.

Duane Massey DMa4340850@aol.com -1st Recon Delta 65/66

Doc Cote PKCelticCross@aol.com 67/68

EDDIE OVERBEY, was with 1st Recon in the 67-69 time frame. His team names were T-Chrochet and Madhatter. Contact David Snider or Bob Morris for info.

Frank Cole fecole@bellatlantic.net -1st Recon Delta Co.

Jerry McCart Leprechaun621@yahoo.com 1st Recon Delta Co. 66

Jesse Smith JesseWRussell@cs.com 1st Recon Delta 3 66/67

Manuel Garcia mgrecon@pacbell.net 1st Recon Battalion from Dec. 67 to Jan. 69, especially those in Delta Company. Nick Vendetta pattyjean210@cs.com 1st Recon Delta Cowhide and Antifreeze 66/67

Ray Dunken 1st Recon Delta 3rd Plt. 67/68 Ray doesn't have a PC but you can contact Al Shaw momwow@earthlink.net

Roland Tate Raceme1622@aol.com -1st Recon Delta Co.

Thomas Small- tass@mcsi.net 1st Recon Delta Co. Radioman 69

Wayne Sirois sirois@odyssey.net --1st Recon Bn d-co and H&S -S-2 63-66


Bob Brasiel ItsYouBob@aol.com 1st Recon PFC USMC, radio operator, Echo Co, 4th Platoon, Jul69 - Jul70

Charles Hudson charles.hudson@tigta.treas.gov -ECHO Company 1st Recon Battalion, DaNang April 1969 to March 1970

Ed Larson GOLDWING4345@webtv.net - Echo company, 69 70

Gary Allord gallord@CapAccess.org 1st Recon Echo Co 69/70

Jerry Murphy jerrymurphy@worldnet.att.net -1st Recon Echo Co. 3rd squad 69

Jim Cole Buzurdluk@msn.com -1st Recon Echo 69/70

John Westerfelt jwestervelt@stny.rr.com 1st Recon Echo Co. 3rd Plt 69/70

Walter Garrison dmz6870@yahoo.com 1st Recon Echo 68/70


John Peterman Skp1149@aol.com 1st Recon H&S Comm April 65 to June 67

Paul Barkmeier oldgrunt2@cox.net -1st Recon H&S 68/69

Wayne Sirois sirois@odyssey.net --1st Recon Bn d-co and H&S -S-2 63-66

1st Force

Antonio Attanasio TonyMustache@aol.com 1st Force/1st Recon Aug 69/Aug 70

Al Mervyn Spillway2@webtv.net -1st. Force was at Camp Reasoner in 67 then we went up to Phu-Bai then back to Da-Nang in 68

Al Segal Miamiman77@aol.com 1st Force ???

Antonio Attanasio TonyMustache@aol.com 1st Force/1st Recon Aug 69/Aug 70

Barry Isom warningorder@yahoo.com -1st Force 67/68

Bart Russel bartrussell@Hotmail.com 1st Force -killer Kane 66/67

Bernard (Bert) Brady Bert.Brady@Bowne.com 1st Force June 68/Feb.69

Bill Schmidt SCHMIDTW@NAC.NET 1st Force 66/67

Bob Regan bregan@appliedprinting.com - 1st.Force Dec'68 to Jan.'69. third platoon I was the radio operator team"Record". Da Nang, Phu Bai, Hue,back to Da Nang then to An Hoa and other places of interest & enjoyment along the way.

Brian Deatrick brian_deatrick@yahoo.com -1st Force 2nd Plt. Team Primness Communicator 66

Charles Buckholtz CharlesBuchholz@aol.com -1st Force January 1964 / July of 66

Conrad Marino MorenoC@pendleton.usmc.mil 1st Force 68

Dan Armemi darmeni@wamail.net 1st Recon Bn 2/68 Mar or Apr69, then 1st Force through Oct 69

Dan Sullivan Dsull50@aol.com -1st ForceJan 1968- Feb 1969.2nd and 4th pltteam radio operator (teams "petrify"-2nd pltMoose Peak and Ice Bound-4th plt

Danny Hart chalkstone7777@yahoo.con -1st Force 66

David Lee Foster dfoster1@rochester.rr.com MARS operator at Reasoner

David Keast KeastDA@1FSSG.USMC.MIL 1st Force 69/70


Denis O'Brien Denis@CosmosisLLC.com -1st force Phu Bai/Hue Veal Stew in early 1968

Dennis Benge (Lost Again) 1st Force TAD to SOG and FOB-1 Phu Bai 67/69

Dennis Murray oxfordmurray@panax.com -1st Force 67/69

Donald Dobson Dobson1688@aol.com Alpha 1st Recon and 1st Force

Ed Browder ebrowder@mail.firstva.com -1st Force 69/71 in An Hoa

Ed Holton moopoo@gate.net - 1st Force 67/68

Fred Bickum f.bickum@worldnet.att.net -1st Force 68

Fred Pisarek FPisarek@aol.com 1st Force Recon in 68-69.

Gerald Hubbard hubbardgerald@hotmail.com -Lt 1st Force 68/69

Harry Grace me4hwg@yahoo.com -1st force from may 66 thru jan 68.

James Craig hunt@fiberpipe.net 1st Force ?

James Hill james.f.hill@us.army.mil - 1st Force Recon in Vietnam Dec 1967 to April 1969 wounded sent to Japan. Then Phila Naval Hosp.Carib cruise, 2 nd Recon Bn at onslow beach discharged 1970.

Jerome Sanders jp4marine@Comcast.net 1st Force 1968 in Phu Bai

Jim Earl jim.earl@verizon.net -Force-. July 1967 and was hit December 10, 1967

Jim McKee JMckee2406@aol.com -1st Force Recon Co. FEB68-Oct69

Joe Phillips jfp@centuryinter.net -1st Force Recon Vietnam June 1966 to July 1967.

John Baas jkbaas@wideopenwest.com 1st Force May 67 to Jan 69

John Bowcock John.Bowcock@hoffman.army.mil -1st Force Jan. 68 Nov. 68


Manny Gonzales DocExam1@aol.com 1st Force ??

Michael Hobb sbigsur@mail.com -1st Force Feb 70 to Feb 71

Mike Foley foxtrot48@hotmail.com - 1st Force 69/70

Mike Pickett dmpickett@dmacc.cc.ia.us -1st Force Dec. 68/May 69

Ozzie Auston onaustin@bellsouth.net - I attained the rank of S/Sgt. Panama, or Oz.I was recruited right out of ITR by 2nd Force.Dec. of 65. that day 23 of us started, and only E.G. Beaston and I were standing at around midnight. We were welcomed on board by Sgt.Tate.From then on I was 3rd Plt 3rd Force Recon, no matter where we were attached.I served from 1965-69, 2nd Force was my parent Company, C.O. was Maj. Wilder Shipped out of Geiger with Capt.Sterns, 2 tours, over 40 documented missions 66-68, Med.Cruise Combat 1/3 in 68, w/ UDT team 22 on the LPR Ruchamkin and then they wouldn't send me back. Hell of way to end a brilliant career. While in Nam, served with 1st Force out of Danang, then Chu Lai,w/ 1st Recon Bn, then to Phu Bai.w /3rd Recon and then to KheSanh, DongHa and rotated home from Quangtri. Patroled from the Bonsong in Quang Nai, to west of 881 and 861 and north to the Ben Hai, and west of Con Thien. North and east DongHa, and from Cua Viet. Patroled with alot of great guys, only recently started to remember. It would be great to hear from anyone I shared a harborsite with, I know many a night when the sun went down and it got quiet, many of said our last prayers,and many didn't have that lucky star that still shines for me.

Patrick O'Malley ksirish@yahoo.com -1st Force 66-67

Paul Roshong STAMJK1@MNS.COM 1st Force 65

Pete Schroeder Buckaroocrew@aol.com -1st Force Dec 68/April 69 then 71/74

Ralph Walls REWALLSUSMC@cs.com 1st Force Nov 66- Feb 68

Ray Moon RAYMOON@peoplepc.com -1st Force 69/70

Richard Spangler Marrecon344@cs.com 1st Force Pu Bai DaNang An Hoa 68/69

Robert Chipres chipresr@yahoo.com -1st Force 65/66

Rocco "Rock" Giambrocco ndhs@net1plus.com -1st Force C Co. Team Leader, DaNang 69/70. They called me (Reaper) - as in "Grim Reaper" After the War I became a cop and a school teacher. I rose to Principal of a school and as of June 1999 I am retired from the Police and education. I now own and run with my spouse a Retirement Home for Independent Seniors who want to retire in a big old 200 yr old colonial in a quaint setting instead of a 75 bed clinical facility. I served in Nam as a Grunt with Mike Co. 3/5, an S-2 Scout with 3/5, and in Recon with 1st Force recon out of DaNang. I am 100% disabled through the VA for Service Connected injuries - none for PTSD , although I probably should be. I am also 100% Disabled from the Police for a service injury.


Roger Zinkhon raz1333@yahoo.com -1st Force 69

Terry Novak RNBones@yahoo.com -1st Force 70

Thomas F. Scaringe tscarin1@nycap.rr.com 1st Force I spent from late 1968 through August 1969 with 5th Force Recon at Camp Pendleton. When I landed in country in August 69. I was assigned to Mike 3/7 as a grunt. After three months there I made some contacts with 1st Force and some of the people there from 5th Force and soon thereafter was transferred from Mike 3/7 to 1st Force, where I belonged. Stayed in country with 1st Force until around August 70. I'm going to have to search through my pictures etc. to try to remember what team or platoon I served with. I remember some names: Slusher, Bales, Coleman, Knight.

Thomas Gazic 2gazic@comcast.net 69

Tim Huff capthuff@optonline.net -1ST FORCE AUGUST 66. WOUNDED 50 CAL GSW RT LEG 3/23/67

Tommy Combs Combsswiftscout@aol.com 1st Recon & 1st Force 70/71 Swift Scout

Tom Machulda (Pappy) Tom.Machulda@gte.net - 1st Force 67/68

Vernon Rojek rojek@cox.net Arrived 1st Force Recon Vietnam Nov. 1969. When 1st Force returned to Camp Pendleton, I was assigned to sub unit 1, attached to 1st Recon Bn. Left Vietnam Feb. '71.

William Aalbertsberg dbladbl@ev1.net 1st Force 9-66 to 7-68 


Al Seely Hoalo66@aol.com -call sign pilgrim 1st recon 66-67 3rd recon 68-69 out of chu lai and marble mtn danang

Al Morin MITZA11@aol.com -1st Recon ?

Barry Babin berwickb@earthlink.net

Bill Davena a1bigpapa@hotmail.com -1st Recon Team Leader Stone Pit 69/70

Billy Armer tarmer@home.com -Ampibious recon, 1954-55-56. 1st recon, 1965-66. 3rd recon, 1965. Amphib recon Little creek Va, 1966-67.Amphib recon Coronado Ca, 1956.

Bob Gannon bgannon@expl.com 1st Recon 66

Bob Garcia rgarcia700@cox.net

Charles Stores Stores-Charles@dol.gov ??

Chuck Setser freechuck@hotmail.com 10/69 to 01/72

Craig Daniels papa_4@excite.com -Corpsman 1st Recon 69/70

Dan Kumle ddkumle@quixnet.net ??

Dan Nelson aacorn@dmea.net

Danny Schaffer danny.schaffer@verizon.net -1st Recon -from the last part of 68 into 69.

Dan VanBuskirk Vanbjs7@aol.com ??

Dave Alessi d1a8@hotmail.com

David Barber firstmardiv@msn.com - 1st Force Co. in 1966 . I was used primarily for my demolition expertise. I was school trained out of Courthouse Bay CL, NC I was assigned to the 1st force recon co at the DMZ and the Rockpile,later (Camp Carol, 400) S 881 was also brushed before anybody else got there. WE 5 were the 1st to scout. Khe Sanh. I could not wait to brush my teeth.We then participated in OP. Hastings and worked thru OP. Prairie. I was the guy that carried all the C4 and spoke with a slight English accent. I was born in England I was six ft and down to about 140lbs.I had been in country since Feb '66. I fought against the 324B on more than one occasion and never found them easy as a matter of fact I found them to be a damn pain in the ass. It was shortly after that I was wounded for the 2nd and last time.

David Buskirk Albrook68@a0l.com

David Pickett dmpickett@dmacc.cc.ia.us - I was with 2nd Plt (April Date) from Dec 68 until May or June 69. I hardly remember any full names. Schok usually took #2 after our point man who was from Ga or AL (somewhere true South). Pete(Peters?) was our plt sgt and made Staff in early 69. Willy(williams/wiliamson?)alway carried an M-14 and a ton of magazines, he was from out west Az or somewhere. Al Lopez was always there (from flagstaff I think). Hornytoad(___teaux- french) was from around St Louis & caught malaria. We had Lt Browder as plt cmdr for awhile but I can't remember who replaced him. I was at An Hoa when the ammo dump was blown up. My plt was the one that did a ladder insert after a CS prep, god only knows where, when we did a body recovery mission. Two teams before had been shot out and, supposedly, we had an Air Force General coordinating the air from a chopper over us all the while in addition to our company CO. Of course I never laid eyes on them so don't know for sure. I heard that we were up for a citation, letter or something for that but I left shortly after. I was on R & R in Sydney when the ammo dump in DA Nang went up.

Davis Powell Dave7372@aol.com ??

Digger O'Dell Iceboat6@aol.com - 1st Recon C.O. 85/87 & 3rd Recon 67/68

D.R. Fell mickey@shasta.com - 1st Recon June of 1968 - March of 1970.

Don Waybright kabuto5@erols.com ??

Ed Ronan Ronanet@msn.com ??

Fernando Ortega Fernfrano@aol.com 1st Recon 70/71

Garth (Red) Wilson usmc2498215@aol.com

Gary Graves mooncalf@cableone.net -1st Recon Corpsman 68/69

George Pilioglos Sonflower215@aol.com 1st Recon ?

Glen Fiore GFiore2784@aol.com 1st Recon FO Hill 425 Greg Crouch gregcrouch@sbcglobal.net 1st Recon Corpsman 69/70

Greg Estes heathen910@aol.com 1st Recon 69/70

J Woloszans JWoloszans@aol.com 1st Recon 70

Jack Bock wjbmarine@netzero.com ??

James White white@blclinks.net 1st Recon 69'70

Jay Vincens JXVincens@aol.com -68

Jeff Phoebus Jmqp46@cs.com - 1st Recon from Jan 68 till May68, and then was transferred to 1stMarDiv Scout/Sniper School and upon graduation was assigned the the 7th MarReg as a sniper.

Jerry Kirk - contact Erick Schwartz

Jim Booge (boogieman) byteme61@hotmail.com 1st Recon 68/71

Jim Knerem hummer24me@yahoo.com 1st Recon Delta 67

Jimmy Turner usmcgruntsgt@yahoo.com -1st Recon 65

Joe Gaba DocJTG1950@aol.com -1st Recon 70/71 Corpsman

Joe Keegan JKCOASTALFLY@aol.com ??

John Cronin jc@strayer.edu 1st Recon Sept/Oct. 67 Medivac

John Hayslip jhayslip@ev1.net ??

John Henson phenson@gte.net ??

John Holton jholton@ruralpc.net -5th Recon 67/69

Larry Miller sokokomoa@bendnet.net -1st Recon 67/69

Marc Stacer mmstacer@alltel.net -1st recon 66 then had a sniper Plt part of 7th and 9th Marines and we did some outside work for Air America

Michael Lefort mlefort@kc.rr.com ??

Mike Cassidy kcassidy@erols.com ??

Mike Dean mdean@allusaonline.com 1st Recon ??

Mike Leeper MLeeper977@aol.com -1st Recon 69/70

Mike Roberts jhorton62@yahoo.com 1st Recon 66/69

Pat Alexander Pat@alexanderagency.biz -1st Recon 69/70

Paul Freeman recon6970@nventure.com -1st Recon 69/70

Perry Sauls X-RECON@excite.com -1st Recon 15June70 to 20Feb73.

RICK AFTON fifthreconbn67@webtv.net ??

Rick Alvira FredAlvir@aol.com -1st Recon 67/68

Rick Hartman hartmanwyo@msn.com ??

Rick Keene KRICKBON@aol.com -1st Recon 65/67

Robert J. Mann gunsight@brightsights.com ??

Ron Hanson squeegee@mailcity.com ??

Ron Smith BigDocS@aol.com ??

Ron Speer ronnie_speer_sr@msn.com ??

Roy Cook twomarines@cleelum.com -1st Recon 67/68

Rowland (Chip) Ward chipward@email.msn.com 1st Recon July 67 to Aug 68.

Scott Waldron frfd@montana.com ??

Steve Freeman Barleg@aol.com -1st Recon 67

Steve Lubbert DeepRecon@forcerecon.com -3rd recon 76/77-1st Recon 77/80

Tony Lorenzi tony-lorenzi@exite.com - 1st Recon 66/67

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