It was my pleasure to walk through The Valley Of The Shadow with Jim White. He was my 1st team leader in Nam and was one of the finest to serve with the Bn.

It is my privilege to introduce the first book on this page. Written by James White, 1st Recon 68/70, an excellent work of fiction about 1st Recon. Even though it is fiction you will identify with some of the happenings and places Jim writes about. The setting is Viet Nam from 1968 to 70 and is the first book in a trilogy. He writes under the name of James C. Jamaw. You will enjoy it, I did.
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    "Doc" Lliteras was a Corpsman with 1st Recon Bn. 69/70. He earned the Bronze Star for his action in a combat situation. Years later he was awarded The Medal Of Honor as a professional firefighter and is currently a professional writer. His books include:

613 West Jefferson
In a Warrior's Romance
The Thieves of Golgotha
Judas The Gentile
The Llewellen Trilogy-
In The Heart of Things
Into The Ashes
Half Hidden By The Night

His publisher is Hampton Roads Publishing.

Reluctant Warrior                          Michael Hodgins                                  Charlie Co. 1st Recon 70

1ST Recon Second To None          Paul Young                                         Alpha Co. 1st Recon

Sergeant Major, U.S. Marines         Maurice Jacques & Bruce Norton

Stingray                                         Bruce Norton

One Tough Marine                         Donald N Hamblen & Bruce Norton

Hill 488                                         Ray Hildreth                                        Charlie Co 1st Recon


"Swift, Silent and Deadly: Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance in the Pacific '42-'45"

The Recon history of WWII in the Pacific by Bruce Myers

Published byNaval Institute Press.      Available after July 2004

Bruce covers all of the events of the recons that he could document or track down one or more of the participants (both pre-day on D-2 with first person descriptions of their activities and photos and idenfification of those who did the D-2 recons on Iwo, as well as a number of interviews with Russ Corey. Bruce has done the same thing for the some 200 pre-day and post d-day recons on every other major operation in the Pacific. General Jim Jones (now at SHAPE and EUCOM) did the foreward for the book since much of what Bruce writes about is Jim Jones Sr, the battalion commander of the Amphib Recon Battalion. A number of FRA members who like Bruce were WWII participants are quoted in the book.

Nathaniel Fick    One Bullet Away
The Making of a Marine Officer

All books are available at Amazon.com
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