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2nd Recon

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I had hoped to have the shirt order ready by the time I leave for the reunion
but alas, it's not to be. I have decided to leave Aug. 9th and head for
Denver where I will unload my 1100 Yamaha V Star and ride to
Sacramento and back to Denver in time for the reunion. I will be checking
into the Comfort Inn on the 22nd so if anyone is there give me a holler.
While I am out on my Yamaha I need a safe place to park my pickup.
The Assn.'s flags, guidons, reunion stuff, and my reunion stuff will be in it. Do
one of you Colorado Reconners have such a place around your house?

Rant Continued

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Looking For
Memorial Braclets
The Association needs a count of all those going to the Recon Luncheon at the reunion. Please contact if you will be attending.

A meeting at a prearranged time and place.
Isn't it time you made yours with those who walked the same path?