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Marine Corps Special Ops Adds Military Capability
American Forces Press Service | Sara Wood | January 26, 2006

WASHINGTON - The Marine Corps Special Operations Command, the newest addition to the special operations community, will be a complementary force that will ease the strain on other services' elite units and will contribute to the nation's readiness in the global war on terror, the new unit's commander said here today.


      1955 - 1957


Recon Marines provide support to grunts Submitted by: 2nd Marine Division (FWD) Story by: Computed Name: Cpl. Ruben D. Maestre Story Identification #: 20051220231240  




Axel Christiansen H&S 68/69
Bernie Roberts 59/61
Bill Corp Alpha 69/70
Charles Beavers H&S 97 to Present
Chris Harding Bravo 90/93
Dana Glatzer Charlie 68/69
David Wilson Echo 67/68
Derek Hutchison Bravo 02/04



    Texas Pete

Lou Giordano
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Battalion Commander

Dear Family and Friends of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion,

We’re now past the half-way mark in our deployment and our Marines and Sailors continue to excel in their performance and accomplishments. We have stayed busy with continuous operations throughout our Regiment’s area of operations and in areas beyond. The level of proficiency and the unique skills of our Marines and Sailors have enabled success in a wide variety of missions.

Some of you may have noticed 1st Reconnaissance Battalion in the national news just after New Years. This battalion led an operation over the holidays that discovered over 10 metric tons of insurgent munitions, hidden in caches throughout a large area south of Fallujah. This publicized operation has been only one of our many successes.

You may have also followed some criticism and debate concerning body armor in the media. Let tell you where we are, the men of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion have never had better body protection than they do now, and it’s getting better. Shortly after arriving in theater we were issued enhanced ballistic plates, called “E-SAPIs”, which improved protection to the front and back of the torso. By the time this news letter reaches you, we will have also been issued new side protective plates, called “side-SAPIs”. Yes, this protective equipment is heavy, but our men are tough and they can handle the load. Also, we are completely outfitted with armored HMMWVs. While none of this makes us invincible, it is a huge improvement over previous OIF deployments.

Finally, I want to tell you that we are making progress in Iraq. While I can’t speak to conditions in all of Iraq, I can tell you that in our corner of Al Anbar Province the Iraqi Security Forces are improving daily and taking up more of the fight. At the same time, the quality of life for Iraqis is improving and we continue to chip away at the insurgency. The men of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion are part of this progress. Stay proud your Marines and Sailors. They are an exceptional group of professionals; smart, tough, and courageous. Your support means a lot and is essential to morale and esprit.

Semper Fidelis,
LtCol Joseph Marello

Sergeant Major

Things are well in the 1st Recon Bn area, Morale is high and Your Marines and Sailors have benefited from your support. I’m amazed by the accomplishments of our men to include participating in the elections, security of our patrol bases, capturing terrorists, discovering hidden weapons cache, and the endless patrolling.

They accomplish all of this by grinding out patrols day after day and leave no stone unturned. The Marines and Sailors willing seek out anything that may harm coalition forces or the local population. Their persistent and dedicated efforts have gone a long way to putting terrorists out of business.

These men are professionals, and they can be counted among America’s finest. You can be justifiably proud of what these men do and their level of dedication each man has. It is humbling for me to serve with such an outstanding Battalion.

I hope this note finds all of you well and enjoying the New Year! I appreciate the sacrifice that you all have made, especially having to endure a Holiday Season without your husbands.

Know that your husbands are doing great things here in Iraq, and that they are making a positive daily impact. They have bettered the lives of Iraqi citizen and have helped to make the world a safer place. As I close I would ask that you keep all the men of Phantom, Nomad, and Pale horse in your prayers.



With every net Patrol Report and Recon Rendezvous sent out I lose track of several men by their emails bouncing. I have over 600 names on 3 different email lists but if everyone I found or found the assn. had sent in a change of address I would have close to one thousand names. The assn. is a vital link for those hunting and being hunted. Each individual is important but what matters just as much is the memories and names locked in each individual's mind. PLEASE let me know of a change of email address and/or mailing address.



    06 REUNION

Aug. 23 - 27

Denver Co.

The 1st Recon Assn. will be having a separate hotel with hospitality room than the 1st Mar Div. Assn. Having tried it at last years KC reunion and it working out great the assn. is searching for a hotel in Denver to hold the reunion. As soon as the hotel is picked I will put out all the information pertaining to it. Anyone planning to attend please contact Charlie Kershaw or The 6

I receive The Old Breed News but have seen no information on the Div. activities during the reunion. As soon as that is known I will pass it on.
Anyone in the Denver area who knows of a moderately priced hotel close to The Denver Marriott City Center that will meet the assn.'s needs please contact me.



Bill Korp HM3 H.W.
1st Recon: Alpha Co. 1st Plt 1969-1970
Looking For: any and all members of 1st Plt. Pete Martinez, Bob Nurmberger, Al Resnick.
Remembering: Frank Montez and Charles Goldmeyer


 Robert Luster

The Elite


USMC "ELITE" RECON COMPANY of the KOREAN WAR 1950 to 1953 the upcoming book by Jerry Ravino will cover the first combat copter landings behind enemy lines in Korea, operation Drysdale with the accounts of Sgt. Morrie Estes as a prisoner of war and his escape with 17 others,