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11th Reunion (in San Diego October 3-6, 1996) of those serving in Recon Company, 1st Marine Division in Korea 1950 - 1953.

By Arthur Lipper 111

Serving in the Recon Company of the 1st Marine Division in Korea in 1952/1953 was the defining event in my life. It was when I learned who I was and how to deal with fear. It was when I became a man.

Except for having minimal contact over the years with former comrades; Dick Newman, Dermott McDonnell, John Ward, Dave Behnke, Ed Chin, and Tom Evans, my attending the 11th reunion of those serving in Recon Company, was the first time I had contact with those for whom, at one very important time in my life, I was prepared to sacrifice my life had there been a need.

We all have changed in the approximately 45 years since Korea and the differences were noticeable in that, almost without exception, there is more of us in volumetric terms than there was when we were younger and leaner.

"What draft were you" and "Do you remember____?" were questions asked repeatedly by those who I almost remembered knowing from an earlier life. No, I didn't recall the number of my draft or most of the places, events of Marines about Marines about which I was asked. Indeed, in a candor, I only sort of vaguely remembered many of the good men asking me the questions.

The lack of memory is strange as, for me, Korea was a happy and fulfilling time. I had a job to do which, due to superb training, I understood and I did well. As I recall and it is all fuzzy, I was first a Squad leader in the 1st Platoon and ultimately Platoon Sergeant. I usually took the patrol position of point. Sometime after being slightly wounded, shrapnel in the head, in the disastrous COP2 fiasco I became the Operations NCO. Of course, in my mind and memory I was wonderfully heroic and highly effective.

It was clear to me that the reunion of Recon Marines was an important bonding event for many of the participants. The reunion focused attention on days gone by when limbs were stronger and more flexible. There was a remembering of parties and patrols of killing and kindness of incoming and outgoing and of discipline and innovation. Being a Marine is and was a life's calling for many and only a temporary harbor for others.

The common denominator of those attending the reunion of being proud, truly proud, of having been a Marine. There are no ex-Marines, only Marines currently serving and former Marines. At the reunion we all wore insignia and mementos testifying to having once been a part of something bigger and more important than any of us individually. We are and were proud to have been Marines.

For my part, I wish that my sons had had the same wonderful Marine experience I had and that all young Americans could earn the right to be part of the Marine Corps. Were all young Americans to be indoctrinated into the Corps they and we would all be better it.

Korea was cold in winter and yet there were Marines there to help one another work together to be warm. Korea was hot in the summer and yet there were Marines there to keep one another to be cool in the face of danger. Korea was a cauldron-like furnace where the raw material of young Marines was turned into steel-like fighting machines, where Marines disregarded fear and pain to perform and produce. Those of us fortunate enough to have escaped without lasting injury are better men for having served in Korea during the period of active hostilities.

Thank you Marines and thank you Recon Company for letting me become a part of the charmed circle of life and death with those united in a common cause.

Reunions are important because they prompt reflection and re-examining of values. In the case of the reunion of the Recon Company, 1st Marine Division - all the values are and were positive.


The 6's 07 BS Tour

   With the coming of Spring I will once again be cranking up my Yamaha V Star to mooch my way across country seeking out Reconners. Starting the first weekend in May 07 I will be embarking on a two month ride that will entail three Recon BS meetings and seven other Recon stops along the way. Links to the BS meetings are listed on the top left under BS Tour. Stops are listed below. Anyone from any Marine Recon unit is encouraged to attend the meetings or stops in your area. Wives and/or girlfriends are welcome. Meetings are on the weekends while stops are dinners in cities along the way. Those interested in attending a meetin and/or eatin please contact me.


Dinners and other happenings on the 6's 07 BS Tour...

  • Nashville May 7 or 8........Place and time to be announced

  • Denver May 16........Place and time to be announced

  • Sacramento June 5........Place and time to be announced

  • Oceanside CA. June 8.......Place and time to be announced

  • Yuma June 10.........Place and time to be announced

  • Phoenix June 11........Place and time to be announced

  • San Antonio Tx June14.........Place and time to be announced

  • Atlanta GA June 17.........Place and time to be announced

  • Ride with Col. Jerry Creed

    From the NC meeting I will ride to Wichita KS to ride to the KC meeting with my Alpha Co. Plt. Commander and XO, Col Jerry Creed. Will also be riding back to Wichita with him after the meeting.

  • A Weekend with Butch Waddill and a five day ride with Mike Holmes

    Between the KC and Portland meetings I will be spending time in Montana with my old Plt. Commander from India 3/5. Spent three months under his leadership and he is the prime reason I ended up with the Bn. Haven't seen Butch Waddill since May 70. He did time with 1st Recon with Delta Co. 69/70 and was the Bn. C.O. 87/88.

    From there I will be spending five days riding around the northwest with Mike Holmes from Delta Co. 66/67. Going to be a pleasure spending the time with him.

  • Anyone interested in riding with me between my meetins and eatins contact me and we can figure something out.

Sponsor the 6

   Although I am a kept man, in order to pull my 07 BS tour off I could use some help. Anyone interested in sponsoring me (read: let me mooch off you for a meal and night's lodging) on my cross country trek, in the cities where the eatins are, and splitting a hotel room at the BS hotels except for KC please contact me.


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