Recon Rendezvous 7/4/05


Please contact the person looking

George Douglas

George is looking for David Rose 1st Recon 68/69

Bruce Fogarty

My name is Bruce Fogarty. I have been looking for a fellow Marine that I served with in Vietnam. We were with Bravo Company, 1st recon Bn. On June 1st, 1970 Rufus was medivac out of country after being wounded on Charley Ridge. On that day we also lost Cpl Roe Hopson. Last year I visited Roe's family in Kentucky after searching over the years. The 3-4 hours we spent together was well worth the travel. I thought Rufus lived in Houston, Texas. I keep running into dead ends. If anyone has any information could you please contact me.


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Help Wanted


Person willing to have shirts and other articles I have made sent to them in bulk, package and address individual orders, then ship.

Position is part time with involvement from one to three times a year.

No special computer skills needed.

Applicant must be able to count to at least 300 without having to take his boots off.


Individual who receives the 1st MarDiv "Old Breed News" to contact new/reinstated/renewal to life members who list their unit as 1st Recon Bn. but are not in the 1st Recon Assn.

Applicant will be responsible for sending a post card with information about the 1st Recon Assn., listing my site, and phone number as a means to get an application.

Job will be full time at first but after catching up on all the past issues I have will be reduced to part time with involvement only when the "Old Breed News" comes out.

Other work can be provided should the applicant be a glutton for punishment

No special computer skills needed other than simple email and is allowed to take his boots off to count if necessary.


Individual to contact men who have at one time been on my email list but their addresses have gone bad.

Applicant will be responsible for sending post cards to the last known snail mail addresses based on the assn. roster.

Job will be full time until all the bad addresses I currently have are cleaned up then part time as needed.

Other work can be provided should the applicant be a glutton for punishment

No special computer skills needed other than simple email and is allowed to take his boots off to count if necessary.

Money for all positions will be provided up front for supplies.

Salary.........none. You will be rewarded by being listed in a world famous, internationally known, and locally renowned mailed and net newsletter "The Patrol Report" as part of the staff. Not to mention the satisfaction of providing a valuable service to the 1st Recon community.

Only serious applicants need apply.

Contact to apply for one of these rewarding jobs


*Nashville Get-together
* KC Reunion
* Monroe WA. Meeting

Association News.

Fred Neiser who is a cousin by marriage to Col. Arthur Sullivan, Bn. Co. Chu Lia 65/66, has donated to the 1st Recon Assn. the never used lighter the Col. kept on his desk during his tour at Chu Lai. The wick is still the original white along with the filler where lighter fluid is poured. Has a Bn. emblem on one side with 1st Recon Bn. above on the flip lid. On the bottom is printed "Memory....Made in Japan". Although not in what you could call mint condition it lives in the next block. Pretty good shape for a 40 year old lighter.


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Recon Cruise Nov. 5-10

Those signed up for the cruise

Doc & Carole Snider
Ray Hildreth
Randy & Tree Kendall
Don &Chris Streeter
Bruce & Bobbie Waite
Bob Morris & Julie Mooney

Donations were taken on the 1st Recon BS group to provide the finances for Sgt. Wright (1st Recon) & Cpl. Thatcher (2nd Recon) to attend the cruise. Both men lost limbs in Iraq and are presently at Walter Reed Hospital. Also included are Sgt Eric Kocher & his wife who will be transporting Wright & Thatcher to and from the cruise. Sgt Kocher was WIA at the same time Wright lost both hands in 04 and was a Plt. Sgt with 2nd when Thacher lost one leg below the knee in 05.
Although donations were generous they fell short of what is needed. If you feel these individuals deserve a little payback for their sacrifices please contribute to their cruise fund.
Those who wish to contribute please contact me.