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Our thanks and gratitude to the Association members who generously donated $10,550 to the Memorial Fund:

H.P. Alewine, P. Alexander, Craig Amo, James H. Anderson, Doc Aron, Eddie Ash, Steven L. Baker, James J. Barta, Mark Bayuk, Ron Benoit, David Boudreaux, Robert “Doc” Buehl, Jim Carroll, Jimmy M. Chandler, Hal Cordova, Kenneth Cotterman, John M. Derenick, Danny Deasane, Kent Dickson, William Doherty, Mark Doss, Phillip D. Downey, Carry Efaw, Eanos T. Evans, Larry Farrell, Bud Fowler, Lother Lee Freeman, James A. Fossos, Gene S. Giles, David A Goodfield, William B Goodwin, Partick P. Grady, Donald Greenlaw, John F. Hare, James A Howard, William Howard, Ron Huegel, Vic Huone, Charles W. Kershaw, Jim Lubbock III, Carrol McBride, William McCloskey, David M. McGraw, Peter R. Merry, Kenneth R. Monnell, Robert Morris and Julie Mooney, James A. Mosel, Paul F. Olenski, Jim Page, R.A Partee, Leonel R. Perez, Phil Peters, Frank Portportage, Phillip D. Rogers, James H. Rowe, W. Edgar Rowland, Richard Schadl, Jerry Spolter, Jerry Webb, Steven Whitney, Danny P. Williams, Audrey Winkelman, and John Witmer.



    Message from the President

Since returning to Camp Pendleton form Operation Iraqi Freedom II, the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion continues to send reconnaissance platoons with Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) deployments, while training its new Marines and old hands for their coming deployment to Iraq later this year. The numerous awards presented to the 1st Recon’s Marines and corpsmen attest to the battalion’s frequent combat operations against Iraqi insurgents. Our thoughts, prayers, and good wishes go out to the recon Marines and corpsmen serving in harm’s way.
The annual 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association Reunion in Kansas City, Missouri is fast approaching. Kansas City offers visitors great food, cool jazz and a lot of history. We will use The Comfort Inn and Suites as our reunion harbor site, August 4-7; they are providing lodging and their boardroom for our reunion CP and meeting room. Our traditional reunion luncheon is August 5th at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue, a Kansas City landmark. Renew the bonds of friendship, commitment, and selfless service with your recon teammates. The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association Officers, Directors and I look forward to seeing you in Kansas City.
God bless America! God bless the United States Marine Corps!

Semper Fidelis,

Charlie Kershaw

Memorial Fund

1st Reconnaissance Battalion Association Memorial Fund

The foresight and leadership of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation is making the dream of a National Museum of the Marine Corps a reality. Construction began last year at Quantico Virginia. The National Museum of the Marine Corps is a unique opportunity “ to honor those Marines who preceded us…to confirm our heritage…to share with our nation, and with each other, the riches of our experiences…and to leave a lasting and glorious legacy for the future.” At Reunion 2002 in New York City, our Association established a Memorial Fund in honor of the 240 Marines and Corpsmen who gave their lives in service to their country as members of 1st Recon Bn in Vietnam. Our goal is to donate to the National Museum of the Marine Corps $100.00 in memory of each of our fallen comrades. The gift will be commemorated by a plaque placed in the memorial park adjoining the National Museum. Contributions to the Memorial Fund should be check or money order payable to:


Contributions may be mailed to:
Secrectary/Treasurer Garry Kline
1819 East Gary St
Mesa, Az. 85203-4510
President Charlie Kershaw
2527 Unicornio Street
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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